Sunday, May 26, 2013

RUF SuCo 2013

Every year Chris takes a group of college students down to Panama City for Summer Confrence or "SuCo".  (Remember Chris is an RUF Campus Minister?)  Anyhow, RUF hosts three weeks of SuCo each year with 600-900 students from various universities each week.  Its a big deal folks.  And if you're in college its a pretty fun week.  Heck, even the RUF campus ministers families love to go down to the beach for the week.  You can read about our trip last year, here.

It's not the nicest of accommodations- camping for the week might be a bit better- but its a great time of fellowship not only for the students, but also for the wives and kids.  Originally the girls and I weren't planning to go this year.  I just wasn't sure I could handle the travel and accommodations with a newborn and toddler while Chris was working.  (Although Chris was a HUGE help to me this year, it is still a work week for him.  It takes all the CM's to make this week happen.)  But because Haddie Grace has been such a good sleeper we decided last minute to head on down to the beach.  It was a really fun week, but it was also a little stressful for me as well.  We will be bringing a babysitter next year to help (Hannah...hint, hint)

The first thing you do when you get to Lauguna Beach Christain Retreat Center is tape up the windows.  I don't know how you people on central time handle the sun coming in your windows at 5am.  Oh wait, you probably have shades.  These rooms don't so we make due like this:

Yes, we all stayed in one (small) room.  Phoebe is in a big girl bed at home and has been since she was 17 months.  She won't sleep in a pack-n-play, so she was on an air mattress.  She doesn't know she can get out of her bed at home so it works well for us.  She does however know that she can get off an air mattress.  This made bed time and nap time a bit tricky....

We spent a lot of time at the pool because Phoebe didn't like the sand at all!  In fact, she hated it and cried if any got on her.  Not a good time folks, and certainly not worth hauling everyone and all our stuff out to the beach.

So Haddie Grace spent most of her time at the pool in the stroller in the shade while Phoebe and I played.

(P.S. Mommys- these puddle jumpers are WONDERFUL floaties for a toddler!)

One of the fun things about RUF and SuCo in general is seeing the students interact with your kids.  Our students love Phoebe and Haddie Grace; they might actually miss them more than us!  Just kidding...I think.

One night the students drew names from a hat and made each other airbrush shirts.  Classic Panama City... They even made shirts for the girls

A huge thank you to Christa for taking some great pictures while we were there!

Happy Memorial Day!  Hope you have a fun day!  
We will be inside packing :(  Boo.



  1. How cute that they got airbrush shirts!! And the pictures are great!

  2. i'm impressed that you went! those pictures of the girls are adorable!!


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