Monday, June 4, 2012

RUF SuCo 2012

Well besides airbrush t-shirts, we had a great time at Summer Conference.  It's a fun week because a lot of the campus ministers' families will come, so I enjoyed hanging out with other wives and children while our husbands were busy working.  Chris was the director this week so he was pretty busy, especially at the beginning of the week.  Phoebe and I hung out at the pool because getting a baby and all the accessories out to the beach by myself was a little bit more than I was willing to take-on.

We did take Phoebe to the beach on Sunday afternoon before the students arrived on Monday to see how she liked it, and the sand didn't bother her at all.  She wasn't extremely fascinated by it, but she didn't "not-like" it either.  She played in it a little bit, but mostly I think she could have been sitting on our living room floor and not really noticed the difference.

I love beach volleyball, so Phoebe and I did go out to the beach a couple afternoons so I could play in the volleyball tournament with the students.  Aubra and students that weren't playing would entertain Phoebe.

KSU students at our dinner out at The Back Porch

For those of you that have not had the joy of attending RUF Summer Conference at Laguna Beach Christian Retreat Center- it is gross.  I mean really.  I did not go at all in college and my first year going with Chris he failed to inform me that I needed to bring Lysol wipes and my own sheets.  I was not very happy... All that to say, Phoebe played on this sheet on the floor all week, and we were thankful she was not crawling yet.

Ready to go to the pool!
 Phoebe LOVED the pool!  She loved splashing around in her little float.  She really did have a ball.

This year we stayed in a "house" on the edge of camp.  The family that stayed above us had a little girl that was born the exact same day as Phoebe.  Here are Sadie Jane and Phoebe playing together in the pool.  (Sadie Jane has 2 older brothers...)

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