Sunday, June 10, 2012

10 Months

My sweet baby turned 10 months old last weekend!  Ahh, I will have a one year old before I know it!  Time to start thinking of some fun party ideas :)

But in the meantime we will recap the previous month.  Its been a big one.  Phoebe has started "crawling" well army crawling anyhow.  She hasn't quite mastered getting her knees up underneath her.  She will pull them up under her in her crib and rock back and forth, but has never moved anywhere in the crib. She won't pull them underneath of her on the floor.  This crawling means we have started saying "no" to her for the first time.  Her favorite things to crawl to- electrical wires, Knox's toys, food, and water bowl.

She claps and waves now too.

Look at those chompers!

She has five teeth now and no longer sleeps through the night.  Although her teeth hurting or waking up in a strange place while at the beach *may* have initiated the night-time waking, I'm beginning to think a habit is forming...  She did not sleep very well at the beach and we were hoping once we got back home her sleeping would improve.  It did not.  She now wakes up around 1am and around 5am almost every night.  We have been going in and rocking her back to sleep and laying her back down, but I'm beginning to wonder if we need to start letting her cry it out for a bit.  It would be hard, but I can't keep getting up every night.  She's not hungry- she won't eat.  She just cries, gets rocked, and falls back asleep.  I've tried patting her bottom in the bed and she calms down and stops crying, but then as soon as you walk away she starts again...obviously she doesn't get back into a deep enough sleep before my arm gets tired and starts to cramp.

Her eating is still so-so.  Sometime she will eat, sometimes she will refuse.  Sometimes she will take a bottle, sometimes she will refuse.  We haven't been able to get her to drink her bedtime bottle for over a week, so we have started putting her down without and then "waking" her up before we go to bed to give her the bottle.  She wakes up a little bit, but really just enough to eat and then she easily goes back to sleep.  Chris will typically rock and her read for 30 minutes because we are now trying to keep her elevated after eating.

Also new in the past two weeks since we got home from the beach is night-time vomiting.  This is more than spitting up- this is close to entire contents of dinner or previous bottle requiring a change of clothes and bath for mom, baby, as well as some carpet cleaning.  It doesn't happen every night, probably about 3-4 times/week. So now the doctors and myself as well are wondering if maybe there is some reflux going on??  She has never before this point acting uncomfortable after eating or had any problems spitting-up or vomiting.  I can count on two hands the number of times she spit-up between birth and 7 months of age.  Now they are wondering if her aversion to food might be the result of a little bit of reflux??  Obviously not enough to bring anything back up but enough to cause some discomfort (that she never showed any visible signs of).  No one ever though she had any reflux problems in the past with her poor weight gain and poor eating habits.  So who knows, but we started her on Zantac a couple days ago to see if that helps or changes anything.  If it doesn't then we can at least rule it out definitively.

Let me tell you she does not like taking the Zantac.  I'm going to take it back to Kroger today to get some flavor put in it to see if that helps.  It can't make it any worse...  Poor baby has enough issues rejecting things put into or around her mouth, so it would be nice for this to be a bit less of a fight.


  1. The most adorable niece! I can't believe how much some of her pictures look like you as a baby.

  2. Oh my gosh she's so cute. She looks so old now! Look at all of her hair. Is she going to be a blonde?


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