Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

I hope you all had a good weekend.  Ours was busy with dogs.   This weekend we were dog sitting for Julie and Justin.   They dropped Amos off at our house Thursday evening and picked up Sunday evening.

Here is the sweet face that we got to see all weekend

Let me tell you, two dogs and a baby are a handful!  The boy's energy fed off of each other- especially the first couple days.  They were like 2 wild men!  To try to run off some energy, Chris took them to the dog park Thursday evening.   Then we had two tired puppies.

Because the two boys play so well together Friday morning Chris took them to a ball field to run around in and then Friday evening they ran and played on an empty field by the church.  Saturday morning Chris and I each took one of the dogs for a run and this seemed to wear them out pretty good.   Early Sunday morning they both went to the dog park (before any other dogs were there so they could focus on playing with each other) but by Sunday afternoon their energy had picked back up and they were wrestling in our living room again.

We felt like we had to watch Phoebe a little bit closer this weekend with both dogs.  Amos was really well behaved around Phoebe if you reminded him to be gentle.  But because he was in a new place and not used to Phoebe she was a big curiosity the first couple days that he wanted to check out.

At the dog park Knox is quite protective of Phoebe.  There is one really annoying dog that has jumped on me several times while I was holding Phoebe trying to get to the baby and has also gotten up in the stroller with her.  Each time Knox came out of nowhere and put this dog in her place.  (We were very proud of him)  But Knox did not seem to mind Amos being close to Phoebe and checking her out.  We were thankful for this.  I guess as long as you are a friend of Knox you can be a friend of Phoebe.

Knox did get jealous of Amos playing with Chris though.  It was quite amusing.  Chris was on the ground wrestling with Amos and Knox started growling and trying to jump in and break it up.

So our weekend consisted of refereeing dogs and mostly trying to keep the baby out of the way.   Julie and Justin kept Knox for 9 days while we were down at the beach, so we were happy to help them out for the weekend!

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  1. Thanks for being so diplomatic in your descriptions... I know the weekend was less than perfect. :-) But we really really appreciate it! ~julie


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