Saturday, July 30, 2011

Phoebe's Room

Well we've been hard at work the past several months to get her room all ready.  First, Chris' parents came down to help paint.  I was very nervous about picking out a paint color because I just couldn't imagine what it would look like in the entire room.  But it looks wonderful!  Chris and his dad did a great job painting!  (Unfortunately I don't have any action shots)

After they finished painting we put together her crib and hung the quilt on the wall.

Because the guest bedroom is also doubling as our nursery, there wasn't a lot of space in the bedroom.  We were able to put in the crib and glider, but couldn't find space for a changing table.  Luckily the room has a big enough walk in closet that fit the changing table perfectly.  Its a bit of a squeeze, but it works.  Chris likes to call it her "changing room."  Don't be fooled...its really a closet.

Then my friend Amy (who is quite the artist as you will see) came over and helped me paint a little scene on the wall to match the bird theme.  She did most of the details in the birds- and they look AWESOME!  Really I'm in awe every time I walk into the room.  It looks like a stencil, but its free-hand!  The birds look almost exactly like the birds on the quilt and bumper!

And then today our friend Kyle came over to help Chris install a fan!  Kyle works for Hunter Fans (read endorsement for Hunter fans...) and was able to help us get a really nice fan and help do the wiring and installation!  Thank you Kyle!  Again I didn't take any pictures because I was downstairs trying to set up this blog, but here's the finished product.

We've been very blessed to have such great help and support from friends and family!

The Blog...

Well several people have been telling me I should start a blog.  Apparently its the thing to do now- especially when you're having a baby.  Well I was never very motivated, but I told myself if I finished working and was still pregnant waiting for Phoebe to come, then I would devote the time to working to start a blog.  So here I am, still pregnant, no signs of impending labor, (sweating in the GA heat), starting our first blog.  It will be a fun way to for family and friends to keep up with Phoebe and our adventures in parenthood and teamwork.