Thursday, November 29, 2012

fridays letters

Dear Aubra,
You are a lifesaver!  Seriously.  Thank you for taking Knox to the dog park on Wednesday.  Poor Phoebe wasn't feeling well at all just wanted to cry and be held all day and he was driving me crazy!  You are the best.  I really don't know what we are going to do when you leave.  Probably cry.  A lot.

Dear Chris,
You've only been gone 3 days and I miss you already.  The next 7 are going to be VERY long.  Don't get me wrong, I love being a mommy, but sometimes I just need a break.  Is that bad?  You are really good at giving me that "break."  But now I don't get a break for a whole 10 days and I am trying to keep my sanity.

Dear Christmas decorations,
You make me very happy.
Dear East Cobb Presbyterian,
Thank you for choosing Chris to fill in for pulpit support for the next 6 months or so while you search for a permanent Pastor.  We are really excited to be "joining" your congregation for the next several months.  I know Chris is going to enjoy getting some more preaching experience from the pulpit.  It is just different than preaching to a room full of college students (which he does love)

Dear Phoebe,
Please feel better soon.  I don't like it when you are cranky and sick.

Dear Washing Machine,
Why do you have to break when Chris is out of town?  Seriously?  Can we work on that timing next time?



Thankful Thursday: the little things

This week I am especially thankful for the little things.

I am thankful for my dishwasher and I use it frequently.  I hate washing dishes- in the sink that is.  Don't get me wrong, I do it A LOT.  Between highchair trays, baby spoons, sippy cups, knives, pots and pans that don't go in the dishwasher,  I am washing dishes multiple times a day.  So being able to put the plates, cups, and silverware in the dishwasher is a huge relief.  I'm not sure how we generate so many dishes, but we do and I run my dishwasher a lot.  And I love it.

I am thankful for hot showers.  Not that I typically go without them, but I have found myself lingering in the shower recently loving the hot water on my back.  Not sure how the husband is going to feel about the hot water bill, but man it feels so good.

I am thankful for my Yankee candles and Scentsy Warmers.  I love it when my house smells good.  It makes it so much more inviting and it makes me happy.  I love walking up the stairs from the garage and having the scent of the month wafting down as I come in.  Currently we are burning our Yankee Balsam & Cedar and it smells like Christmas!  And although I love the Scentsy warmers, the best wax you can get is the Better Homes & Garden Brand at Walmart...if you were wondering.

I am thankful for my pillow and bed.  I love getting into it at night and hate getting out in the morning.

I know I've said this before and this is more than a "little thing," but I'm really thankful for all our RUF students.  They love us well.  Taylor, one of our girls, took some pictures for us a couple months ago for our Christmas cards.  These aren't the ones we choose, but here are a couple spoilers.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

{WIWW} The Pregnancy Heater

Yep, it is time for another what i wore wednesday.  While I in no way claim to be a fashionista or a fashion blogger, it has been fun to link up with the Pleated Poppy for some outfit posts.  We've been hitting some colder days, especially some colder mornings here in Georgia.  My internal heater has yet to kick in this pregnancy so I've had to break out the layers and chunky sweaters to keep warm.

Every winter (and summer really) we have THE thermostat talk.  Do you have that talk in your house?   I am always cold, so the temperature of the house in the winter is always up for debate.  Given the option I would jack it all the way up and pay the bill.  Chris however prefers the Eskimo look accompanied by the leaner gas bill.  

A couple summers ago when I was pregnant with Phoebe I experienced something I had never felt before- EXTREME HEAT.  The amount of heat generated by the baby was unbelievable.  I have never been so miserable and hot in my life.  So this time, Chris and I have been talking about the benefit of being pregnant during the winter months- mainly as it relates to our heating bill.  My pregnancy hormones kick in to keep me warm and Chris puts on a sweatshirt to enjoy the leaner gas bill.  Really, it should be a win-win situation.

Well we're still waiting for that...  So in the mean time it is sweaters and leg warmers for me.

I kid you not, this sweater is probably one of the warmest I own.

As a side note I hate my pregnant belly button.

I am loving these leg warmers from Target right now.

I was telling Chris how I always feel like I do the same pose in all these pictures.  And he said, "why don't you twirl?"  This was the result.  We got quite a laugh.  And yes, I almost fell down too.

Dress- Gap Maternity
Sweater- Limited (many, many years ago)
Leg Warmers- Target
Boots- Nine West Outlet

pleated poppy
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Monday, November 26, 2012


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We were in Chattanooga all week, so it felt like an especially long holiday for for me.  I'm not ready to go back to the "real world"  Chris had a couple meetings with some pastors up in Chattanooga so we headed up there last Monday evening after I got home from work.  Being anywhere outside my own house forces me to relax.  At home there is always something that needs to be cooked or cleaned- but when I'm not here I can't do it.  So last week was a nice break.

It was fun to hangout with family and I think the cousins had fun playing together.

Sweet Kisses

Phoebe also had fun playing with Knox at Mamo's house.

Who do you think Jimmy looks like?

Yep, Uncle Chris.  That's a baby picture of Chris on the left.

On Thursday the whole family came over to Mamo's and Papo's for Thanksgiving.  We enjoyed fun family time and an abundance of good food.  

On Friday I got up and went shopping for those Black Friday deals at the crack of dawn with Catrina and Margaret.  I have never gotten up at 4am to go out on black Friday before.  In 2007 and also 2010 I ran out to a few stores on my way home from work, but nothing crazy.

Pouring over ads on Thursday I found the baby monitor we wanted for baby #2 for 1/2 price at Babies R Us.  I had a mission.  I had had my eye on this Motorola Digital Video Monitor, but had not been able to justify spending over $200.  The monitor on sale had a smaller video screen, but it was only $69.99.  (Still less than it is on Amazon now for cyber Monday) Score.  Babies R Us opened at 5am, so we were they by 4:45am waiting in line like crazy people.  But you know what?  I got the monitor.  Well actually Catrina got it for me- she knew where to go and headed straight there.  I stopped to get a cart; apparently I have a lot to learn about Black Friday shopping.  But I got one of three available so I was pretty proud of myself, well Catrina really. 

 I will say despite the line, it was a pretty tame crowd.  There was no running, no shoving, no elbows or anything else crazy going on between the pregnant women and mommys at Babies R Us.  Most everyone else was headed for the diapers and wipes they had on sale- which were by the way a pretty good deal if you don't mind off-brand diapers/wipes.  The big boxes of wipes were $5 and the big boxes of about 100 diapers were $10.  I snagged a couple boxes to try them out.  I was talking to one lady in line and she said they do this Black Friday deal every year.  She stocks up on Black Friday and only buys diapers once/year.  Something to consider you deal savvy mamas.  

We headed onto the mall next.  And it really wasn't bad AT ALL.  The mall in Chattanooga opened at midnight so most of the craziness had already taken place by 5:30-6am.  It was a fun morning and I got some good deals.  I would probably do it again.  As long as a Starbucks and afternoon nap are a part of the deal.

Did you go out on Black Friday at all?  If so, how was it?


Thursday, November 22, 2012

fridays letters

Dear Turkey Trot,
I thought you would kick my butt, but I was wrong.  I ran all 4.96 miles of you.  Ok, I might have walked up one hill that was less than .2 miles, but for all practical purposes I ran all of you.

Dear Running Shoes,
I missed you yesterday.  Because you are sitting at home in my closet I had to wear shoes that were a size too small...  But that didn't stop me
Dear Black Friday,
I am out shopping right now for the first time in several years.  I hate crowds of people and lines, but you have enticed me this year.

Dear Caylee,
I'm glad Knox is your friend

Dear Margaret and Catrina,
Thanks for dragging me out this morning.  Oh, and for putting up with Knox all week.
Dear Chris,
Thanks for staying with me yesterday and pushing the stroller the whole time.  I know it is not easy to run slow...  It was nice not to have the stroller.  I can't remember when the last time I ran without it was.
Dear Katherine,
I really hope I get to see you tomorrow.  I will be really sad if it doesn't work out.

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Happy Thanksgiving


We earned our turkey today


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Weekend Review

I can't believe it is Tuesday already!  Monday came and went pretty quickly...which I guess is good for a Monday.

We had a great weekend.  We laid low Friday night and watched Superman after Phoebe went to bed.  It was the best we could find in the RedBox at Kroger.  Its been awhile since we just watched a movie at home.  I'm ashamed to say that I cried multiple times during the movie...  Yes, during Superman.  Forget cliche Hallmark commercials- it was Superman that did me in.

Saturday morning we took Phoebe and Knox for a hike up Kennesaw Mountain.  I guess it wasn't a true hike since we walked on the road, but our stroller isn't up for off-roading.  Here's our little one all bundled up.

Saturday afternoon was a true treat because Chris and I ran a couple errands and he offered me Starbucks AGAIN!  For the second time last week!  Woo-who!  He must have been in a great mood!  Thanks baby!  That made my afternoon!  Phoebe even got to enjoy a snack with Mommy and Daddy.

Then we finished up our Christmas shopping for Phoebe at the used children's store.  We had already gotten her a play kitchen set at Kohl's and topped it off with a used tunnel and tent and a V-Tech Touch
 and Teach Turtle. 

Saturday evening one of our friends had a Friendgiving Party.  So we were pre-gaming for Thanksgiving.  How cute is this evite?

The leaves are changing and the air is crisp.   Please come over for a fun night of friends and everyone's favorite seasonal dish.  Dinner will be served at 7pm, but drop by anytime that afternoon! I'm so thankful for all of you!
I'll be makin' the traditional fixin's! BYOB!

How fun of an idea is that?!  We loved it!  It was great food and great fun with friends!  What a fun alternative to a holiday party! 
And a quick tip for your Thanksgiving table- there was cranberry sauce there with pomegranate seeds in it!  It was phenomenal!  Consider adding some pomegranate seeds to your cranberry sauce this year.

Thanks Ellen!
Oh and I found out on Saturday that I'm a winner!  I won Jen's blog giveaway at Filling Up My Cup!  I won one of Lisa's designs from Wine & Glue.   Check out her etsy shop here.  Thanks ladies!

Filling Up My Cup

Sunday mornings are always busy with church and Sunday school.  This week it was followed by a Sunday afternoon nap and a doggie play-date.  Knox got to run around with his bestie Amos at the park.  They always wear each other out.

Sunday night after bed Chris and I had our annual "couch-cleaning" party.  Yep, we have leather couches so annually around this time of year when we turn on our heat we clean and condition the couches.  It's also a good time to vacuum and dust behind them- quite a bit of dust and dirt can collect back there...

This year as an added bonus we completely re-arranged the furniture in our living room.  Space, or lack there of, has become a frequent topic of conversation.  Especially with the ever-growing toy collection and Christmas right around the corner.  We tried a couple different lay-outs, but in the end were able to re-arrange everything to create a little more toy space in our living room!  I love our new lay-out!

Hope you had a great weekend and "quick" Monday too!
Happy Tuesday!

Friday, November 16, 2012

fridays letters

Dear Starbucks,  
I got to enjoy you this week.  It only happens a couple times per month, but I savor each encounter we have.  My Pumpkin Spice Latte did not disappoint.  I only have enough money left on my card for 2 more drinks.  Maybe Christmas will change that.
Dear Amber and Mary, 
I'm excited about our play-date today!  I really enjoy our monthly rendezvous.  Its been fun watching your kids grow up with mine.
Dear Baby Bowen,  
Please flip around
Dear Chris, 
Thanks for drinking my juice this week.  Don't worry you'll get to make-up for it with plenty of sodas at your parents house next week.  I love you.
Dear Cockroaches,
You disgust me.  I hate you.  I have seen and killed two of your kind this week.  That is two too many. Die.
Dear Kickboxing Class,
I really enjoy you on Friday mornings.  I'm sorry I'm "that girl" in the back who is off beat and can't keep up.  I'm doing the best I can.
Dear Weekend, 
I'm excited for you.
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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday: 23 Weeks

In honor of Thanksgiving I've been sharing one or two things each Thursday that I am thankful for.  Although there are many things to be thankful for I'm trying to just highlight a few each week.  Check out my previous posts here.

Today I am thankful for this sweet (and wild) little baby growing in my belly.  I had another ultrasound on Monday and the perinatologist said everything looks "picture" perfect.  We had a few potential health scares with Phoebe, so I'm thankful this baby is healthy.
Well so much for doing weekly updates.  But I guess if I get something posted monthly or every 4 weeks then I'm doing pretty well.  Check out my last (and first) update at 19 weeks here.
So I didn't think about this when we were taking this picture, but apparently black isn't the best color to show off a growing belly...  Black really is slimming.

23 Weeks- A window into your womb would reveal that you baby's skin is a big saggy, hanging loosely from her or her little body.  That's because skin grows faster than fat develops, and there's not much fat to fill that skin out yet.  But don't worry- the fat is about to start catching up.  Beginning this week your baby begins to pack on the pounds.  In fact, by months end, your baby will be double the weight he or she is now.  Once those fat deposits are made, your baby will be less transparent too.  Right now, the organs and bones can still be seen through the skin, which has a red hue thanks to the developing blood veins and arteries just underneath.  What to Expect When You're Expecting

You're baby is the size of a papaya.   (Do you eat Papaya's?  Does anyone really know how big a papaya is?  Maybe its just me but papayas are not in my normal diet...)  So the baby is about 8 inches long and 1.2 lbs.

Actually according to the ultrasound my baby is 1 lb 4 oz, which puts it exactly in the 50th percentile for weight.
Here's the little squirt.  (Head is on the left.  Belly on the right) Notice the hand and arm at the top of the picture.  Almost the whole time this child was hitting itself in the head with its hand- over and over and over again.  Awesome.

Aversions/cravings- None now.  I couldn't eat yogurt for awhile and I still haven't tried.  It doesn't sound gross to me anymore.  I just don't necessarily want it.  Perhaps I should try to eat it again and see what happens.  It used to be one of my favorite snacks.

Movement- Oh my goodness!  This child kicks, and punches, and kicks, and hits itself in the head all the time!  And they are strong movements too!  I mean really, I did not feel this much movement at this point in pregnancy last time.  What I'm feeling now is closer to what I was feeling full-term.  Now, is that because my placenta is in a different place or because this baby is moving more, or both?  Who knows. But I will tell you that both the ultrasound tech and the doctor kept making comments the other day about how they were having to "chase" the baby around because it was moving so much.
This baby is breech right now too. I know this is completely normal and I shouldn't worry, but I still didn't like seeing it upside down.  Turn baby turn!

Pregnancy Symptoms- The itching has gotten better.  I think due to a combination of the Tom's unscented sensitive skin soap and the Aveeno Eczema lotion.  My eczema has actually been a little bit better too- except 3 spots ON MY FOREHEAD that have shown up in the past 3 weeks.  Thankfully the  worst of the bunch is underneath my bangs.  But it probably looks like I have dandruff or something the way I am scratching at my hairline...
Still no stretch marks.  I really don't expect any.  I didn't have any last time.  BUT the pregnancy has not been so kind to me because I've started getting a couple varicose veins!!  Awful.  The only thing I can think of is that I did wear support hose at work with the last pregnancy because I was working 3 or 4 12hr shifts/week.  This pregnancy I haven't worn support hose at all because I'm only working 8hrs about once/week. I guess I need to start considering it.  But they are pretty miserable.  Its one thing to wear them under scrubs at work.  It is a whole other ball game to try to wear those things under jeans...
Sleep-  I'm sleeping through the night about twice/week now on average.  Hey, I'll take it.  And although Chris would never admit it, I think my body pillow is growing on him.  I've woken up to him cuddling with it on several occasions...
Sex- I still think its a girl.  I know a lot of people think we're I'm crazy for not finding out.  I've seen it done both ways in the delivery room and don't get me wrong it is ALWAYS special and exciting when a baby is born.  And it is a surprise when you find out the sex whether it is at 20ish weeks or at delivery.  But there definitely is an added energy and excitement to the delivery when you're also finding out the sex at the same time- it really is fun for everyone.
A few weeks ago I had a couple who was having a "surprise" baby for their second child.  Now typically the way this works is the dad "announces" the sex as soon as the baby's born.  I say typically because that is often the plan, but in the excitement of the moment the dad often forgets to look or speak.  Or perhaps it takes men a extra split second to process everything before they can verbalize sex- who knows.  Anyhow, in this particular case the dad was speechless and as the midwife was bringing the baby up to mom, she starts screaming (yes screaming) at the top of her lungs: "I see his balls!!  Its a boy!  Its a boy!  I see his little blue balls!  Its a boy!"  She kept repeating this over and over and over.  I dunno, maybe you had to be there, but it was hilarious.  Everyone in the room was cracking up.
All that to say surprises are fun.  
And yes, we do have names picked out.  They've changed a little bit and are still subject to change, but perhaps I will share them next update.
Weight Gain- 10 lbs
Randoms-  I'm excited for Phoebe to meet this baby!  She is clueless.  My belly button popped out at 13 weeks- see it poking through my dress in the picture?  Next week (24 weeks) my baby will be viable, but 24 weeks still makes me a bit nervous.  I will breath a bit easier when we hit the 28 week mark.
What are you thankful for today?
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

{WIWW} Proud

I originally started these postings to hold me accountable for getting dressed (in something other than sweatpants or yoga pants) more often than not in the mornings.  I can't honestly tell you I dress up every day... But this week I'm proud to say I did quite well, and then I did even better because I took  pictures.
I'm proud because this is my first time ever doing these little collage things with photos.  (I'm sure that is the technical term...)
Shirt: Gap Maternity
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Ecco outlet (old)
Scarf: World Market (old)

I'm a 5th generation Texan, and proud of it.  Although not true cowboy boots, these boots always make me smile and want to move back to Texas.  We talked about getting a jar full of Texas soil and putting it under the bed when we had Phoebe so she could be born over Texas soil.  We did not...  And for the record someday I will purchase real cowboy boots.

Shirt: Target Maternity (old)
Vest: Gap outlet last winter
Jeans: Gap last year
Boots: DSW several years ago
I'm proud that I can still pull out old things from my closet and put together outfits even when I'm 23 weeks pregnant
Dress: Michael Kors (from some overstock store 3 or 4 years ago...)
Boots: DSW couple years ago
Pearls: engagement gift from my husband
What are you proud of today?

Space bags

I realize this might be quite boring to some and there are certainly some fashions and make-up that I am loving right now, but right now I am most excited about these vacuum seal space bags!  We don't have a lot of extra storage space, and what to do with out-gown baby clothes has been a growing question.  I had done pretty well keeping up with them in various Rubbermaid storage containers, but we were starting to run out of under-the-the bed space for the containers and even run out of corners and attic space to stack them in!  And Phoebe is only 15 months old...  Not only was space becoming an issue, but those containers aren't cheap!  They aren't expensive either, but when you start using them a lot of them, the prices do add up quickly.
I can't remember what we were talking about or how the subject came up, but last weekend at work someone was talking about these space bags.  **Ding-dong**  What a great idea!!  I was able to consolidate 3 and a half containers of clothes into 2 large size space bags that both fit underneath the bed!  

And then we were storing 5 pillows up in the attic in trash bags.  Yes, I realize this is a little gross with all the dust and potential bugs, but I didn't have another place to store them.  In comes vacuum seal space bags!  I fit 2 Euro pillows in 1 jumbo bag and 3 regular full/queen size pillows in a second jumbo bag.  Both easily fit under the bed.  And if I did choose to put them back up in the attic, I would feel much better about it now knowing they are better protected in the vacuum seal bag than they were in the trash bags.

So you might not be able to tell, but those bags are REALLY flat!  I didn't take a before pictures of the pillows, but just in case you forgot how big 2 euro pillows and 2 queen pillows are- let me remind you. (Sorry you will have to excuse the laundry on the bed.  At least it is clean and at least my bed is made.)

One large storage container averages about $10 depending on the exact size and brand.  A box of three large space bags at Target was about $11.  This will definitely be how we store clothes, baby bedding etc. from now on.
Thanks for sharing in my excitement over the little things.
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