Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Space bags

I realize this might be quite boring to some and there are certainly some fashions and make-up that I am loving right now, but right now I am most excited about these vacuum seal space bags!  We don't have a lot of extra storage space, and what to do with out-gown baby clothes has been a growing question.  I had done pretty well keeping up with them in various Rubbermaid storage containers, but we were starting to run out of under-the-the bed space for the containers and even run out of corners and attic space to stack them in!  And Phoebe is only 15 months old...  Not only was space becoming an issue, but those containers aren't cheap!  They aren't expensive either, but when you start using them a lot of them, the prices do add up quickly.
I can't remember what we were talking about or how the subject came up, but last weekend at work someone was talking about these space bags.  **Ding-dong**  What a great idea!!  I was able to consolidate 3 and a half containers of clothes into 2 large size space bags that both fit underneath the bed!  

And then we were storing 5 pillows up in the attic in trash bags.  Yes, I realize this is a little gross with all the dust and potential bugs, but I didn't have another place to store them.  In comes vacuum seal space bags!  I fit 2 Euro pillows in 1 jumbo bag and 3 regular full/queen size pillows in a second jumbo bag.  Both easily fit under the bed.  And if I did choose to put them back up in the attic, I would feel much better about it now knowing they are better protected in the vacuum seal bag than they were in the trash bags.

So you might not be able to tell, but those bags are REALLY flat!  I didn't take a before pictures of the pillows, but just in case you forgot how big 2 euro pillows and 2 queen pillows are- let me remind you. (Sorry you will have to excuse the laundry on the bed.  At least it is clean and at least my bed is made.)

One large storage container averages about $10 depending on the exact size and brand.  A box of three large space bags at Target was about $11.  This will definitely be how we store clothes, baby bedding etc. from now on.
Thanks for sharing in my excitement over the little things.
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  1. im literally heading out today to get some under the bed storage for my littlest little- its a disaster under there and she needs something like this. thanks!

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  3. In comes vacuum seal space bags! I fit 2 Euro pillows in 1 jumbo bag and 3 regular full/queen size pillows in a second jumbo bag. Both easily ... ispacebags.blogspot.com


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