Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Weekend Review

I can't believe it is Tuesday already!  Monday came and went pretty quickly...which I guess is good for a Monday.

We had a great weekend.  We laid low Friday night and watched Superman after Phoebe went to bed.  It was the best we could find in the RedBox at Kroger.  Its been awhile since we just watched a movie at home.  I'm ashamed to say that I cried multiple times during the movie...  Yes, during Superman.  Forget cliche Hallmark commercials- it was Superman that did me in.

Saturday morning we took Phoebe and Knox for a hike up Kennesaw Mountain.  I guess it wasn't a true hike since we walked on the road, but our stroller isn't up for off-roading.  Here's our little one all bundled up.

Saturday afternoon was a true treat because Chris and I ran a couple errands and he offered me Starbucks AGAIN!  For the second time last week!  Woo-who!  He must have been in a great mood!  Thanks baby!  That made my afternoon!  Phoebe even got to enjoy a snack with Mommy and Daddy.

Then we finished up our Christmas shopping for Phoebe at the used children's store.  We had already gotten her a play kitchen set at Kohl's and topped it off with a used tunnel and tent and a V-Tech Touch
 and Teach Turtle. 

Saturday evening one of our friends had a Friendgiving Party.  So we were pre-gaming for Thanksgiving.  How cute is this evite?

The leaves are changing and the air is crisp.   Please come over for a fun night of friends and everyone's favorite seasonal dish.  Dinner will be served at 7pm, but drop by anytime that afternoon! I'm so thankful for all of you!
I'll be makin' the traditional fixin's! BYOB!

How fun of an idea is that?!  We loved it!  It was great food and great fun with friends!  What a fun alternative to a holiday party! 
And a quick tip for your Thanksgiving table- there was cranberry sauce there with pomegranate seeds in it!  It was phenomenal!  Consider adding some pomegranate seeds to your cranberry sauce this year.

Thanks Ellen!
Oh and I found out on Saturday that I'm a winner!  I won Jen's blog giveaway at Filling Up My Cup!  I won one of Lisa's designs from Wine & Glue.   Check out her etsy shop here.  Thanks ladies!

Filling Up My Cup

Sunday mornings are always busy with church and Sunday school.  This week it was followed by a Sunday afternoon nap and a doggie play-date.  Knox got to run around with his bestie Amos at the park.  They always wear each other out.

Sunday night after bed Chris and I had our annual "couch-cleaning" party.  Yep, we have leather couches so annually around this time of year when we turn on our heat we clean and condition the couches.  It's also a good time to vacuum and dust behind them- quite a bit of dust and dirt can collect back there...

This year as an added bonus we completely re-arranged the furniture in our living room.  Space, or lack there of, has become a frequent topic of conversation.  Especially with the ever-growing toy collection and Christmas right around the corner.  We tried a couple different lay-outs, but in the end were able to re-arrange everything to create a little more toy space in our living room!  I love our new lay-out!

Hope you had a great weekend and "quick" Monday too!
Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I love rearranging furniture, always feels so new and fresh! Love the idea of "friendsgiving" too... so cute!


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