Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our Little Lady Bug

We took Phoebe trick-or-treating for the first time this year.  Which really only consisted of going to four houses, but it was fun.  Since our neighborhood doesn't really have any kids (we've only had 2 trick-or-treaters in the past 3 years...) we took the wagon and walked down the road to the trick-or-treating neighborhood.

Here we are getting ready to go.  Yes, Knox came too.  And yes, Phoebe's new resting place for her finger is in her nose.  In all fairness, it was a little chilly Wednesday night, so she might have just been trying to keep it warm...

Walking up to our first house

Ooo, which kind do I want?  She picked the Nerds.  They rattled when she shook the box...

The final two houses we went to had left a bowl of candy out on the step.  I'm surprised there are still so many trusting individuals...  Phoebe had the hang of this trick-or-treating thing by then.  She took candy by the handful and put it in her pumpkin.  Don't worry, we put it all back except the Reese's.  That's Mama's favorite.

On the way home Phoebe played with her favorite candy, the Nerds.  Shake, shake, shake.

Apparently when we weren't paying attention, she bit into the box.  She enjoyed taking them out of the box, but wouldn't eat any.  (Believe me, we tried.)  She did however, enjoy dropping them all over the wagon on the walk home.

Overall, it was a successful night.  We ended up with 2 rolls of pennies (yep, apparently people were giving out pennies this year), a box of Nerds, a Reese's and Butterfinger.   Just enough for Mommy to settle her sweet tooth that night, but nothing left to taunt me the rest of the week.  Happy Halloween!



  1. what a cute lady bug!! and her eyes are beautiful!!!

  2. Knox looks so concerned in that photo!


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