Thursday, May 9, 2013

fridays letters

Dear Chris,
I love you.  I'm excited to be going to the beach with you next week.  Yikes, Laguna Beach with 2 is going to be interesting.  I'm excited though.  I do love Summer Confrence!  I'm glad we're going.  Thanks for watching Phoebe yesterday for me!

Dear Anna,
You are THE BEST!  Thank you SO SO SO much for all the breast milk!  It was so fun to see you and catch up!  Miss. Sadie is adorable!

Dear Craig's List,
You have served me well again.  Cheap moving boxes- score!  We will re-sell them in Rock Hill.  Only problem was we forgot to empty out the trunk before we went to pick them up...

Dear Laguna Beach Christian Retreat Center,
You are a dirty place, but yet I am bringing to kids to run around and stay in you.  Please be good to us.

Dear Packing,
Will you magically do everything yourself? 

Dear Starbucks,
I am enjoying your Frappuccino Happy Hour!  Actually I've only indulged a couple times, but I am a big fan of the new Carmel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino.




  1. how fun you are going to the beach! i hope you ahve lots of pictures! and i too have loved happy hour!


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