Friday, May 24, 2013

fridays letters

Photo courtesy of Christa Prince

Dear Kristin and Julie,  Thanks so much for coming over last night to help pack!  It was AMAZING to come upstairs and see so many more boxes filled!  Dear Julia, Thanks for watching Phoebe on Monday so I could have a couple hours to put things in boxes without little hands taking things back out or playing with the cutter on the tape dispenser...  Dear Chris, Date night was so fun!  Thank goodness for  Chick-fil-A coupons, free babysitters, and movie passes.  Dear Hannah, Thanks for babysitting!  I'm serious, I really want you to come to SuCo with us next Summer to watch the girls.  Dear Matthew, You are not very good at your job.  Really, I'm sorry that is rude, but I have never worked with someone as incompetent and unprofessional as you are.  Wells Fargo should have never hired you as a mortgage officer.   Dear Christa, Thanks for taking such amazing pictures last week at Summer Conference.  Can't wait to post about it!


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