Wednesday, May 1, 2013

{WIWW} Green Gingham

Loving this green gingham shirt right now-

How would you accessorize gingham?  It seems so busy I really wasn't sure what to do.  Maybe it doesn't need anything?  What do you think?

Shirt: Gap
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Gap
(Apparently this was a Gap day...)

And while you're giving me advice- what do you think about the shoes?  I love them!  But the question is, do they go well with the shirt and the rest of the outfit?  I think so?

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  1. Love this outfit, especially that shirt. If it's a chilly day, you could probably put a light 3/4 sleeve sweater over it and then roll the sleeves over the sweater a little bit. Not sure if that's making sense but it looks good in my head!

  2. i think the shoes are a bit too colorful for this outfit, try to wear them with plain pastel color dresses :) I love the shirt though!!!

  3. I think the shoes fit! I agree that the shirt is busy already, so I don't know if you need a whole lot, but I could see someone wearing a chunky yellow or blue necklace with it. Something like that.

  4. fun flats! I just picked up a pair of striped flats and am having the hardest time figuring what to wear them with but I love how you did it! I always think of pearls when I see gingham. Just a simple strand of pearls or earrings! And has anyone told you how good you look after just having a baby? Way to bounce right back!!

  5. I have that same shirt and have worn it with patterned flats too! Too cute!


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