Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Front Door

There is a long list of things we would like to do to our new house and in our new house.  Many of them won't get done for a couple years.  We are definitely laying hardwood down in the family room to match the rest of the downstairs and refinishing the current hardwoods because they are showing some signs of wear and tear.

A few other minor things we will be doing in the more immediate future include pressure washing and painting the front step rails and awning, pressure washing and re-staining the deck out back, and painting the front door. 

I've always wanted a fun colored front door, and I think it is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to spruce up the front of the house.  Remember what our new house looks like?

The current door and shutters are a dark grey/black.  We will not do anything with the shutters, but I'm thinking about a yellow front door.  Not a bright, bright yellow but more of a mustard/dull yellow.  I think the yellow would look good with the color of the brick.

Here's some food for thought-

Or I've thought about a turquoise door too, but I think I'm leaning towards yellow.

What do you think?  Do you think the house would look good with a yellow front door?



  1. I think you'll get tired of the turquoise sooner than the yellow... go for it!

  2. Although the turquoise is a pretty color, I love the yellow front doors best. Especially the first and third in the bottom row. It's such a cheerful color and I think it would look great with the brick in your home :)

    I also saw this idea for adding a pop of color to your home and love this too:

  3. I love the yellow front door! That would be so much fun!!

  4. I like the yellow! Such a fun color and it would really pop on the front of your new home! Please post an after picture.

    The Faithful & Frugal Fashionista

  5. Your house is SO pretty! I think a yellow door would look excellent.

  6. I’ll go for yellow! It’s a dramatic and vibrant color that would make your front door eye-catching. I agree, it would look great with the bricks. Have you finished this project?
    Danielle Bailey @ Vinylume Home Improvement

  7. Hello, Jen. I am just curious with the color you used for your front door. Your door will look amazing in either Yellow or Torquoise. But if I were you, I'll go with the one that is more appealing to me. Feel your instincts so you won't have any regret in the future. :)

    Mary Martin @ Jones & Associates

  8. If you're looking for vibrancy, then go for yellow. But if what you're trying to achieve is more of a serene and peaceful aura, turquoise is a good choice. Anyway, were you done with your door update? What color did you end up getting for your door?

    -John Barringer @ Beach Windows


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