Friday, May 3, 2013


Yep, that's right.  We are buying a house!  This sign in front of our new house made us very happy.  (Actually I think the house is technically under contract because we haven't closed yet, but this was the sign in the front yard when we went back to visit in order for Chris to transfer his ordination into the Foothills presbytery.)

We knew we had a limited window of time between the new baby (due mid-March) and the start of Chris' job June 1st, to find a house and move.  We had been praying that the Lord would provide a house quickly on a single trip up to Rock Hill.  And that is exactly what he did.  We had been looking online at houses for several weeks and then when Haddie Grace was one month old (she celebrated her one month birthday in Rock Hill) we drove up to Rock Hill for a few days with the hope of finding a home.

We saw several homes we liked.  My favorite, Chris' favorite and we refer to this house as the "save our marriage house"  Ok, it really wasn't that bad; this wasn't either of our favorites, but we both really liked it- enough to put down an offer.

So pending inspection, we will be closing on the house May 28th and moving shortly thereafter.  We won't be in Rock Hill June 1st, but we should be able to get there sometime during the first week of June.

These might not be the best pictures, but several people have been asking to see pictures, so here are a few I snapped. 

We love that there are lots of older trees around the home.  It is in a subdivision that is literally right behind our new church.  Living in a location close to church and campus was very important to us.  Chris will have an office at the church, so it will be very convenient.  The girls and I will probably walk over.  It would be about .2 miles from our house to the church.  The new house is also about 1 or 1.5 miles from campus.  An easy drive and Chris might even ride a bike over to campus.

You walk in and the family room is on your right.  There are oak hardwood floors in the entire downstairs except the family room.  Before we move in we are going to have a contractor come out and tear up the carpet in this room and put in hardwood to match the rest of the downstairs.  We will also have him refinish the other hardwoods.  The floor is in good condition, it just has normal wear and tear that we might as well have touched up at the same time.

To the left of the front door is the formal living room.

From the front door you walk down the hallway into the kitchen and breakfast area.  I am in love with this kitchen.  It's huge and I've always wanted an island!

Off the back of the house behind the family room there is a small deck area that leads out to a completely fenced in backyard that is pretty kid friendly.

They're going to leave us the swing set.  Sweet.

There is a nice wide hallway upstairs and four bedrooms.

Master bedroom

Master bath.  I am a bit sad the master bath does not have a tub.  I am a big fan of tubs, but I will live :)

Again I'm sorry they aren't the best pictures, but you at least get the idea.  

We are excited to move it and make it ours :)



  1. This is a beautiful home!! Congratulations! That's pretty awesome that it all happened so doesn't usually pan out that way. And you guys scored a free swing set in the deal? Way to go!

    The Faithful & Frugal Fashionista

  2. congratulations! your house is gorgeous! I love it!! i want those polka dot little girl chairs :) that is so exciting!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  3. Congratulations, Jen! Your new home is absolutely beautiful! I could give you a list about everything I love about it, haha. I'm so glad everything worked out so quickly for you :)

  4. Congratulations! Your home is gorgeous!! Hope the process continues to go smoothly!

  5. Congratulations! Looks like a great house. Good luck with the move.

  6. Congratulations!! What an absolutely beautiful house!!! =)

  7. Your house is so pretty!! I love it! My goodness I want to buy a house so much. We own our townhome now, but I'm ready for an upgrade! How exciting to make a move.

  8. I love your new house! So fun!!!

  9. this house is gorgeous! i love it....congrats!!


  10. So pretty! What a great place to raise 2 sweet little girls!

  11. your new house is beautiful Jen! Looks like it's going to be a great place to raise your little ones. So happy for y'all!


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