Sunday, June 2, 2013

aden + anais easy swaddle


We are a fan of swaddle wraps in this house.  We swaddled Phoebe for an embaressingly long time.  I mean, she was 6 or 7 seven months before we stopped swaddling her.  It was one of my "must-have" newborn items.  She just slept so well in it.  So of course we were planning on swadding Haddie Grace too.  A friend of mine gave us an aden + anais easy swaddle at our baby shower, and I love it!  Everyone loves the aden + anais swaddle blankets, but I had never seen their easy swaddle.  It is the same soft muslin cotton as the swaddle blankets, but with an easy snap close that creates the perfect swaddle.  I love it because I feel like it is more breathable and cooler than the cotton swaddles I had been using.

What do you think?  Did you or do you swaddle your babies?

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  1. We used swaddles, too until he started trying to get out! Then we just wrapped his legs, and then when he started rolling around we just stopped using it all together!

  2. We only used the hospital blankets to swaddle. We didn't have fancy swaddle blankets with our oldest two. But I love these and think they are awesome! Would've totally used 'em.

  3. Swaddling was a big deal for us for both babies, but my son outgrew it faster. I LOVE those aden + anais muslin blankets. So much that I won't get rid of them, even thought we are DONE having babies. They are just so sweet and remind me of such a sweet time, I don't have the heart to give them away...all 6 of them!



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