Monday, October 10, 2011

Top 10

In no particular order my 10 favorite baby items that we have used over the past 2 months

1. BabyBjorn
Love it!  This has been great for carrying Phoebe.  I use it when I go to the grocery store because its easier to get her in the Bjorn than haul in her heavy carrier/car seat.  I don't feel like our car seat sits very securely on the grocery cart so the Bjorn is perfect.  I also use it to hold her in around the house.  For example she's sitting in it with me now as I'm blogging...

2. BOB Ironman jogging stroller
This has been wonderful for me to use and take her out running with!  It's a smooth ride for Phoebe and very easy for me to push.  I would say it's a little heavy but I can still maneuver it easily and it is lighter than a lot of other jogging strollers.


3. Medela Easy Expression Hands-Free Bra for breast pumps
This has been a lifesaver!  With as much pumping as I do, it is fabulous to have my hands free to read a book, play on the computer, feed Phoebe or whatever.  Even if you are only pumping on occasion I would still say this is a must-have!

4. Pampers Swaddlers
Pampers makes the best newborn diapers hands-down.  We tried Huggies as well as off-brands and Pampers Swaddlers fit the best and leak the least.  Really, this is the only newborn diaper to purchase.

5. Bum Genius 3.0 Cloth Diapers
I know not everyone is interested in the cloth diaper route, but for the past couple weeks we've been using them we have absolutely loved them!  No blow-outs, no leaks and makes me smile every time I'm not throwing away a dirty diaper.

6. Baby Einstein Around the World Play Gym
Phoebe LOVES her play gym.  She loves to look up at the star that flashes lights and plays music.  She will just smile, laugh, dance and be entertained.

7. Snap N' Go Stroller
We opted not to purchase the stroller/car seat travel system.  We bought our car seat off Craig's list and use (also second hand) this snap n'go stroller.  I love it because it is SO light and easy to maneuver.  I don't have to fight to get it in and out of the car or set-up.  It takes two seconds and it makes tight turns very easily.  When she out grows the baby carrier and snap n'go we will probably opt for an umbrella stroller.

8. Fisher-Price Zen Collection Cradle Swing
Phoebe also loves her swing!  She will look up at the mobile (we do wish the mobile moved on its own though) and listen to the music; she loves to swing too!  It will calm her and put her to sleep, but we try not to use it for that very often because we don't want her to "have-to" swing in order to go to sleep.  Another thing I love about this swing is that the base comes off and acts alone as a baby seat.  I will often bring her into the kitchen in the seat while I'm cooking or upstairs while I'm folding laundry, taking a shower etc.  I like this because we don't have a lot of space for multiple baby contraptions so I am a big fan of any 2 in 1 designs.

(this is not Phoebe)

9. Summer Infant SwaddleMe Blanket
Phoebe sleeps SO well in this blanket!  We swaddle her every night and she's a great sleeper!  This is another must-have for my sanity and quality sleep.

10. Paci Clip
Phoebe loves her paci, but I'm sure like most babies she spits it out or loses suction fairly often.  I am a bit of a germaphobe (just a bit though) so I love the paci clip because it keeps her paci from falling on the floor or any other undesirable surface.  I don't really like the paci clips at Babies R Us or Target that I have seen.  But we found this one in a speciality store and I love it!  I love the thin ribbon and the button clip.  I'm sure someone craftier than myself could make them and then pin it...  This particular one is super fancy, but it was the only"B" one they had.  


  1. I'm glad you found a jogging stroller that you like and works well for you! Maybe you'll be able to train for something soon after all. PS I had no idea that you ran in half marathons in college. When did you do this? I knew you ran, but I didn't know you ran those kinds of distances.

  2. Oh never came across the hands free bra before - would have been so helpful.

    Thanks so much for sharing at the Friday Baby Shower , Alice x

  3. Just saw the Fisher Price swing in action this afternoon and was v impressed!

    Thanks so much for sharing - do hope to see you at this week's Friday Baby Shower which is now live, Alice x


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