Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Littlest Pumpkin in the Patch

A few weeks ago my mom bought Phoebe an adorable Halloween onesie.

We had thought it would be cute to take Phoebe to a pumpkin patch and take her picture in the pumpkins where she really could be the "littlest pumpkin in the patch."  Cute idea, right?  We thought so!

Here's what Phoebe thought of it...

Yeah, not so cute...she wasn't a big fan of being set down in the middle of the pumpkins

Once she fell asleep she didn't mind as much.  At least her paci is orange so it matches...

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  1. We took Hannah to a pumpkin patch too!! So fun! Phoebe is super cute! We can't wait to meet her! Also, sorry I haven't called you back....let's talk this week!


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