Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Broken Foot

Man, its been a bit crazy around our house the last couple days.  On Sunday evening Chris got up from the couch to check on Phoebe, but didn't realize his foot was asleep.  So when he stood up he essentially stood on the top of his foot.  Yikes.  He heard a pop and knew something wasn't right.

It started swelling pretty quickly so we figured it was broken.  A trip to the urgent care center and several hours later our suspicions were confirmed.  Bummer.  I sat in that urgent care center with Phoebe literally bathing in hand sanitizer, trying not to touch anything, and trying not to think about all the sick people who had been in that waiting room.  We waited in the waiting room with Chris for awhile and then went and sat outside while they took him back and did all the x-rays.  I'm praying she didn't catch anything.

They sent him home from urgent care with nothing- no boot, no crutches, nothing.  Well he couldn't put any weight on his foot (the swelling and pain had increased significantly) so he ended up crawling around the house that night on his knees and brushing his teeth kneeling at the sink.  It was pitiful.  Thankfully a lady from church was going to her mother's on Monday morning and was able to let us borrow her mother's crutches.  Chris felt liberated with the crutches because he could actually move from the couch to the kitchen.  Really, I don't know what we would have done without these.  Monday afternoon we went to see the orthopaedist who confirmed it was fractured but reassured us that he didn't need surgery or anything major and that it should heal over the next 9 weeks or so.  He also gave Chris a boot, which will be a huge help in getting around.  I go back to work on Friday so before we went to the doctor we were trying to figure out someone who could come help Chris while I was gone since there would be no way he could maneuver a baby and crutches at the same time.  But hopefully the boot will allow him to be a little bit more independent and still take care of Phoebe.  We'll see how things go over the next few days.  Meanwhile, since its his right foot I will be playing chauffeur for a few days until the pain decreases, he gets used to the boot, and figures out how to drive with it.

We are thankful it wasn't anything major and that he's still able to get around without too much difficulty now.  The pain's been much more tolerable with the boot as well since it allows him to walk without putting pressure on the fracture.

Phoebe was a trooper sitting through all the doctor's appointments!  Chris couldn't believe we had to wait over  2 hours to see the orthopaedist.  Granted this is a bit longer wait than normal but I told him he obviously doesn't go to the doctor very much because you ALWAYS have to wait...

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