Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

I mentioned last Friday that our Christmas decorations were up and making me very happy.  This is actually the earliest we've ever decorated for Christmas, and I am loving it!  We put all our decorations out the weekend after Thanksgiving (and Thanksgiving was early this year with a whole week left in November after Turkey Day!).

Here is what is making me smile each day:

We bought new stockings this year.  (Previously we were using Michael's $.99 stockings that I had bought in college and decorated with puffy paint....)  I am loving the knit stocking look.  My only issue is that I want to get them personalized.  Is there any way to personalize a knit stocking?  Can you monogram them or applique them?  Does anyone crafty know or have any suggestions?  I won't  do anything with them till after Christmas, but it is something I would like to get done.  I had looked into stockings from Pottery Barn etc, but they were just SO expensive.  These were a quarter of the price at Hobby Lobby so I'm hoping to figure out some personalization solution.

I know I mentioned this last year, but I have become an advocate of the fake tree.  I used to be a "real" tree snob.  Yes, a snob.   I do somewhat still miss the tradition of the family going to pick out and cut down a tree from the Christmas tree farm (we did this growing up) and then sipping on hot cocoa.  BUT this artificial tree that our land lord left us (read: FREE) is amazing!  It is so easy to put up each year, the pre-lit feature is pretty sweet and I do not miss having to water and vacuum up pine needles every day.  Yankee candles take care of the Christmas smell.

I like our advent candle set, but as Phoebe gets older I will be looking for a good advent children's tool. I've read about a couple interesting ones on some of your blogs, but if you have any other good suggestions please leave a comment below.

Oh and I buy poinsettias EVERY year!  They scream Christmas to me.  Plus, I think they are gorgeous.  But without fail I end up killing them before Christmas morning ever comes around.  I don't know if I give them too much water, not enough water, not enough sun, too cold an environment?  I tried a different placement this year, so hopefully that will help extend its life.  Again if you have any tips about poinsettias, please do share.

Nativity sets are by far my favorite Christmas decorations because they remind me of the true meaning of Christmas: the birth of Jesus.  We have several different sets from various travels with various levels of sentimental value.  The one with the nails is probably my favorite of our collection because it is so unique and baby Jesus is simply represented as a crown; I love that.

Chris loves his Cowboy tree and Cowboy Christmas figurines, so I tolerate them and look at them every time I'm at the sink washing dishes...  

And yes, I even have presents wrapped.  There are only 2 more gifts I need to buy; thankfully my shopping is almost done.  I don't do well with crowds, so I'm happy to finish early.   We are celebrating Christmas with my in-laws this weekend, so presents had to be wrapped.

Poor Knox.  We didn't want him to be left out of the fun...

Have you put up your Christmas or holiday decorations yet?  If so, what are your favorite decorations?


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