Monday, December 31, 2012

NYE: A sparkly occasion

Four years ago today my husband proposed to me.  It was a surprise to say the least!  New Year's Eve is always a fun for me because I remember that night.  Not only was the sparkly ring more than I ever could have asked for or imagined, but of course the emotions and future commitment the ring symbolized were more special than words can express.

To read more about our dating and engagement click here.

Four years ago was also the last time we really went out to "ring in the New Year".  I think every year since then I've been in bed by midnight and certainly haven't had a chance to partake in the New Year's Eve sparkle.  (And yes, I think if there is one occasion to sparkle from head to toe it is definitely NYE.)

This year will be no different.  I will be in bed as the 2013 rolls in.  We will, however, have (an early) dinner with some good friends to celebrate.  And although I won't be decked out in head to toe sparkle, I will be sparkling with THESE:

Yes, my amazing husband has surprised me once again!  And this was a good one!  Several months ago Chris mentioned something about diamond earrings.  I'm a girl- of course I would love to own a pair of diamond earrings at some point in my life!  I have always wanted diamond studs and said maybe they would make a good 5 year anniversary gift.  I had been thinking I wanted to plant the seed for diamond studs for a 5 or 10 year anniversary gift, but just hadn't gotten around to it yet.  I figured I needed to start early to give him enough time to save up some money...

I think I mentioned that Chris and I celebrated Christmas together at home before leaving for my parents house to be there Christmas Day.  Chris had given me a purse that I had seen and fallen in love with.  It was a bit of a "big" gift for us as we have not been spending as much on each other for Christmas since the baby was born.  (I will show you the purse later this week...)

And then I opened the earrings under the tree on Christmas morning!  I could not have been more surprised!!  Again, my husband has done very well with the jewelry.  He had a diamond ring from his Great Aunt that he had not used in my engagement ring, but put it to good use in one of my earrings.  I love that one of them has family history too!  I guess that down payment for a house we've been saving up for the last 4 years just took a little hit.  But you know what, I am 100% ok with that :)

Thanks baby!
I love you and I love celebrating our engagement with you each NYE.

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Have a GREAT New Year's Eve tonight and be safe!!!



  1. Those are really pretty earrings! What a great gift. I would love to have a pair of diamond studs like that. Also, I stay up until midnight on New Year's, but I am always really tired.

  2. Wow! Jen that's so sweet of Chris. I'm sure you were overwhelmed between the two big gifts that you got! Happy New Year!


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