Friday, December 14, 2012

fridays letters

Dear Week,
I am so glad you are almost over.  You have been incredibly busy- today and tomorrow aren't looking much better.  Sunday please come soon so I can rest!

Dear Matt and Courtney,
Y'all are awesome!  Thanks so much for everything!  We really appreciate it.

Dear Chris,
I'm proud of you.  It was fun to see you in your element.  Oh, and thanks for being so thoughtful and remembering that I had wanted to see Hope Springs several months ago.  Even though it was not at all what I was expecting (it's no It's Complicated) I appreciate you picking it up from the RedBox for me.

Dear Elf for Health Challenge,
I started off doing pretty well this week, but admit that I have failed the challenges the last couple days. Hoping to get out with some friends to "hike"the mountain today.

Dear Bed,
I miss you.  We have not spent nearly enough time together this week.  Hoping we can make up for lost time soon.

Dear everyone who decided to have their baby on 12/12/12,
Congrats.  I'm glad I was off on Wednesday.  Yes, that was a conscious decision.



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