Thursday, December 6, 2012

fridays letters

Dear Chris
YOU ARE COMING HOME TONIGHT!!!!  Oh my goodness, I am so excited.  I've missed you.
Dear Knox
You are a bundle of energy and were driving me crazy so you went to board on the farm for a few days, and you know what?  I actually missed you!  Your puppy energy is a handful sometimes but I really do love ya (and so does Phoebe). 
For the record I found them like this in the crate together.  I did not put
them in there together and lock it...

Dear Chelsea, Hannah, and Philip
You guys are AMAZING!  Thank you so much for coming over Sunday afternoon to watch Phoebe and give me a little break!  We have the best and most thoughtful RUF students EVER!
Dear Phoebe
You make me laugh.  I love seeing you and Knox play together.  He really is your best friend.

Dear Ice Cream,
You have been the death of me this week.  Remember my moderation goal?  You are not helping me out...  This is no excuse, but I think with the stress of Chris being gone and having nothing better to do in the evenings I might have over-indulged just a little bit, ok a lot.  I should have left you sitting in the freezer section at Kroger.
Dear Mom and Dad,
I'm not sure if you can still call Delaware home if you spend more time out of the state than in the state.
Dear everyone,
I just need someone to listen to this story, and you are the lucky audience.  I was picking Phoebe up from Mom's Morning Out yesterday morning and after I got her strapped in her car seat I went to start the car to go home and MY CAR KEY IS NOT on my key ring.  How does a key fall off your key ring?!?  Do you know how many nails I break trying to purposefully get keys on and off of that darn thing?!?  I turn the car upside down looking for my key.  Nothing.  I get the baby and re-trace all my steps in the church to the MMO wing.  At this point we are both in tears (she is cranky and over-tired) and I am having a mini-panic attack thinking: "my husband is out of town and I am stranded at the church with my baby, car, and no way to get home.  What am I going to do?"  The MMO ladies help me search that wing and even go out and help me search the car AGAIN.  No one has turned in a key at the front desk.  More tears.  A sweet old lady comes over to my car to talk and help me search the car/purse/diaper bag (again) and offered me a ride home.  God Bless sweet old ladies.  At this point Phoebe is playing with my keys (what is left of them) and drops them on the ground.  When I bend down to pick them up I see this UNDER the car!

Praise Jesus!  I mean really, how crazy is that?!?  I have NO IDEA how the key broke and fell off my keychain like that.  But at this point- 40 minutes later- I am crying tears of joy and driving home with a passed out baby in the back seat.
Dear readers,
Thanks so much for visiting.  It really does mean a lot to me that you would visit my little blog (and listen to my sob stories about lost keys).  Y'all make my day!



  1. I feel your pain and understand your panic attack about losing your keys. I have lost my keys many times and when you have kids depending on you it is so stressful. My most memorable lost key moments were in a field of thousands of flags, and at the Orlando Zoo with Chris at a work conference. But those instances were my fault. Your story is a crazy freak accident. I hope you can laugh about it now.

  2. Glad you found your keys! I would have had a panic attack over losing it as well!!

  3. that picture in the dog cage - so cute! I have a few like that of my nephew!

  4. I am so sorry about your keys! My first year of the internship, Dad made me give the Boyds a copy of my car key just in case something happened — I never used it, but it was a relief to know they had one if I needed it.

    Also ... if I don't post this now, I'll forget it: regarding your Christmas stocking personalization, have you asked Frances? She might not be able to do it, but she might know someone who could! There is a monogram/personalization shop close to the mall — I have no idea what their prices are, but you could check into it.

  5. That picture of them in the crate is hilarious! I love when kids and dogs love on each other. So glad you found your key! That is really scary. One time I thought I lost my keys, and I searched everywhere and....then found them in my purse. haha.


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