Thursday, December 20, 2012

Chuck E Cheese's

I think I  mentioned how we went to Chuck E Cheese a couple weeks ago for my niece's birthday party.  It really was a blast.  I don't know if I had ever been to Chuck E Cheese before and although I was a bit squeamish about all the germs running around that place, I got over it and we had a great time.

Now here is a quick tip if you ever plan on making the trip- GO EARLY!  My sister-in-law is smart so they planned the party for 9am when it opened.  The first hour was amazing because we were the only people there!  We had free range roaming around all the games and activities.  Around 10:00 more kids started coming and it started to get a little loud.  By 10:30 I had to get out of there because it was flat out load, crazy, and miserable with kids running around.  

The mini merry-go-round was Phoebe's favorite.  She could have stayed on that thing ALL day long.  Every time it stopped she said "more please" and cried whenever we tried to take her off.

Before we discovered the merry-go-round she had fun riding in the Chuck E Cheese car, riding Clifford the Big Red Dog, and climbing up the jungle gym  with Daddy.

Mommy and Daddy got to enjoy playing some games too.  I love skee-ball!  It has been forever since I've played, but I was so excited to brush up on my skills at Chuck E Cheese.  I don't know if it was the pregnant belly or what, but I really don't remember skee-ball being so hard on the back bending over to roll the ball...



  1. That looks so fun! I've been wanting to go to Chuck E. Cheese for years but no one will take me. Guess I'll have to wait till I have kids and then take them! :P

  2. That looks like fun!! We used to have so many birthday parties at Chuck E Cheese, and do you know that my mom always had to give me children's tylenol because it would give me a headache every time. I think that says so much about me. :) I'm glad Phoebe had such a ball!

  3. This looks fun!!! My kids would love it probably!!! Me, maybe not so much but probably worth it to them:)

  4. She is too cute! Looks like she had a blast!
    I love her expression in the Clifford pictures :)


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