Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I love this time of year.  I love getting Christmas cards in the mail and hanging them on our wall.  I love seeing pictures of every one's family and reading mini-Christmas updates.

We've done different things for cards each year.  I like the idea of a post card (we do lots of post card mailings- invitations etc.) because of the cheaper postage.  That was my original plan this year, but I came across this card design on Etsy from Elegant Prints.  I liked that I could use multiple pictures AND include a mini-update.  So we opted for the card and full-postage.  My goal is always to get cards out for less than $1 each including postage.  We came in at about  $1.05 this year.  As usual we do all our printing at Overnight Prints.  We've always been pleased with the company and quality, but I will say that the company must be getting much bigger because the turn around time has become a bit ridiculous.  

(And yes Chris and I both proof-read this about six time each and still found mistakes in the final product.  Oh well.)

If you didn't get one in the mail- Merry Christmas!



  1. I love how your card turned out! The pictures are beautiful!


  2. I love your christmas card! what a beautiful family!

  3. JEN! You have such a beautiful little family!! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and said hello. If only we could get together and chat for a good long while!! We'll just have to be blogger friends until that day happens, I guess :)

    Merry Christmas!!


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