Tuesday, July 16, 2013

{WIWW} Shopping anyone?

Do you ever have that strong desire to just go buy something?  I'm feeling that right now- and its not retail therapy.  I'm not feeling sad, frustrated, angry or any other emotion that generally warrants a shopping spree.  I just genuinely want some new clothes.  The fact that I got my hair cut yesterday and ALL the stylists in the salon were dressed super cute didn't help either...

Mainly I want need some new tops.  And I do really think it is a need- albeit, a first world need...  I haven't bought many new summer clothes over the past several years.  Three summers ago we spent the summer in the slums Kenya so I didn't purchase anything.  Two summers ago I was very pregnant.  Last summer I did buy two pairs of shorts and one shirt after I lost my baby weight, but then I got pregnant again so I couldn't justify purchasing anything else.  And now when I look in my closet I have very few summer tops and outfit options.  Really, we have a HUGE and absolutely amazing closet in the new house and I have very few tops hanging on my side of it right now.  Hence the lack of WIWW posts- well that and the fact that between the baby and the move its been a little crazy around here.  

 But I did snap some quick pictures the other day.  I'm trying to be satisfied with my limited options.

Shirt- Loft Outlet (old)
Shorts- Gap (last spring)
Necklace- TJ Maxx

What are you wanting to add to your closet right now?

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  1. I don't need to be adding anything to my closet right now! I'm working on cleaning it out and getting rid of stuff, and then I can identify what I should be shopping for!

    Love your shorts!

  2. In general, looking through blogs always makes me want to shop! It is ridiculous. There is no more room in the closet at this point. ;) I love this look though! Those shorts are super cute.

    Style of One's Own

  3. I know the feeling! Sometimes I just want something new! Right now I've craving a cute pair of colored skinny crop jeans. I know, everyone's wearing them right now... and I want some! ha :)


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