Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I miss...

Don't get me wrong I love South Carolina.  I love my new house.  I love our new church.  We feel at home here in a way we never did in Georgia.  Yet, there are a few things that I miss.  I miss West Cobb Diner.  They had some great food for a great price and it was only 2 miles down the road.  I miss Gabriel's bakery; not only did they have great desserts, but she also made some killer pimento cheese and meatloaf.  I miss Publix- it truly is a pleasure shopping there.

But you know who we really miss?  Aubra.  Aubra was our RUF intern at Kennesaw State and she was phenomenal.  She became a part of our family over the past two years.  We found out we were getting an intern just days before Phoebe was born, so Phoebe has known Aubra her whole life.  In fact, Phoebe learned Aubra's name before she learned the grandparents' name.  Phoebe would get so excited whenever Aubra came over and would cry when Aubra would leave.

As an intern Aubra did a steller job connecting with and loving on students at KSU.  She also did a lot to promote community and fellowship among the group.  And somewhere between all that she found the time to babysit Phoebe and even nannied for us last summer while I went back to work full-time for a month.  She dog-sat Knox when we went on vacation and then took care of Phoebe when we went into the hospital to have Haddie Grace.

Aubra moved to Atlanta and first met Phoebe when she was a couple weeks old.  She was a tremendous blessing to the ministry and our family as we adjusted to life with a newborn.

Our "family" at the RUF Tacky Christmas Party 2011

Aubra and Phoebe in their airbrush shirts at SuCo 2012

Aubra playing with Phoebe on her first birthday

Remember when Aubra taught Phoebe her "funny face"?

SuCo 2013

And of course she came to visit Haddie Grace in the hospital when she was first born

Aubra, you meant so much to the ministry and also to our family. Phoebe is still talking about you  :)
We are missing you!



  1. Jen! Stop it ... this was so sweet. Thankful I didn't see this at work and tear up. :) So very, very thankful for y'all and grateful for how much y'all ministered to me. I am very excited for y'all, but I miss the whole family lots. Sunday nights feel very strange.

    Hopefully I can make it up there very soon before school kicks off for y'all. (This whole "big girl job" puts a major cramp in traveling. But hey, I'll be an hour away from y'all for work in November!)

    When I come visit, I will find a way to bring you some of the things you miss from Atlanta ... :)

  2. Aww! It's hard to move. I am glad you're feeling at home, though!


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