Tuesday, July 23, 2013

LOVE: Goat Milk Soap

Another thing I've been loving lately are these goat milk soaps from Goat Milk Stuff.  (Thank you Courtney for introducing me to them!)

Rather than water being the first ingredient in the soap (like all mainstream drug store soaps) Goat Milk  Stuff soap is made from raw unpasteurized goat milk, not water.  Goat milk soap contains: natural alpha hydroxy acids that help eliminate dead skin cells from your skin's surface, it is naturally high in vitamin A which has been shown to repair damaged tissue and maintain healthy skin, cream (duh, good for moisture), and many minerals including selenium which has been shown to play a role in preventing skin cancer.

The soap lathers well and one bar lasts me over a month with daily showers.  You can also check out tips on how to make your soap last longer.

Goat Milk Stuff also offers other goat milk products including candles, lip balm, shaving balm, laundry soap, bath fizzies, and sugar scrubs.

With over 40 different scents to choose from you are sure to find one that you love!  The Strawberries and Champagne is one of my favorites!  Goat Milk Stuff offers flat rate priority shipping so if you're as excited to try these soaps as I was you won't have to wait long!



  1. You are welcome!!! I LOVE them too!!! A bar lasts me a bit longer than a month. And they have an awesome soap called purity that is perfect for baby skin as it there are no essential oils so it's the very most gentle. Though it isn't "tear free" so you have to be a little careful. Mimosa mandarin is my most favorite scent!

  2. I'm intrigued. I might just have to try some!

  3. That sounds so interesting. And the strawberry champagne flavor sounds tasty!


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