Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ten on Ten: A Day in Pictures

Its the 10th of the month again, time to link up with Rebekah for Ten on Ten.  It is a way for bloggers to "share a snapshot of their lives...once a month on the tenth [by] taking a photo an hour for ten consecutive hours. Finding life and beauty in the ordinary things of our day to day!"  

ten on ten button 

Apparently I only took 9 pictures over nine hours.  Whoops.  Not even sure what hour I missed.
Here's my day in pictures-

So I decided a week into the new year that I wanted to read through the Bible in a year with Chris.  We did this a couple years ago, in 2011, using the Crossway/ESV schedule.   Well I never finished.  I was doing really well until Phoebe was born and then sometime in August I stopped.  Anyhow, I am going to try to do it again this year, but unfortunately I'm behind already due to my late start.  I'm waking up early to read and "catch up".  Also enjoying some Raspberry Leaf Tea and an apple. 

After Phoebe woke up and ate breakfast we headed across town (this is a big deal in Atlanta morning traffic) to make a Craig's List purchase.  I had been sharing a grain mill with several friends, and have been loving making my own "Old School Bread."  However, for several reasons I have been wanting my own mill.  We scoured Craig's list for a couple months in order to find one when we purchased the first one, so when I decided to check a couple nights ago I was surprised to find 4 for sale in the Atlanta area!  I jumped on the opportunity and drove in morning rush hour traffic to pick it up.

What is sweeter than a sleeping child?  Phoebe took a little nap on the ride back before I dropped her off at mom's morning out for a little "me-time" while Chris is out of town.

I headed over to my favorite coffee shop and spent a couple hours working on my 2011 photo book in order to meet my January goals.

All that driving across town left the gas tank close to E, so I stopped to fill it up.  Pumping gas: this is the mundane of life.

I bought Phoebe a potty-seat the other day and started putting her on the potty to get her used to it.  It is a Cars theme seat and she LOVES it!  Anyhow, she pooped on the potty for the first time yesterday!  I realize this was total luck of timing and coincidence, but I was a proud mommy none-the-less.  I'm really not even she understood why I was so excited.

During nap time I milled some wheat to make this fresh apple cinnamon bread I had been wanting to try.

Honestly, it sounded better than it turned out...  It wasn't sweet enough.

And here is apparently where I forgot to take a couple pictures.  The next and final picture I took was Phoebe playing with Knox before bed.  Best Friends Forever.

It was a fairly ordinary day, but I found some meaning and beauty in it.  And got some practice taking pictures too :)



  1. Love your set!
    What a lovely family you have!

    Kisses and blessings.
    (from Brazil - but participating!)

  2. That apple cinnamon bread looks delicious! Apples, cinnamon, and bread are some of my most favorite foods.

    And good luck with your Bible reading! I'm currently re-reading through the Bible too but am working through the New Testament first. You can do it! :)

  3. Don't you hate it when you finally make a recipe you've been wanting to try, and then it's really not all that great? That happened to me last month with some pumpkin donut things. Love the 10 on 10 idea! Maybe I'll remember to do it next month.


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