Thursday, January 17, 2013

high five for friday

1. I have sworn my whole adult life that I would never own a mini-van.  EVER.  For the last four years Chris has told me I would change my mind, and I swore up and down that he was wrong.  I would not give in.  We've talked about Subaru Outbacks, Honda Pilots- basically larger SUVs as my next "family" car.  Well I'm eating my words now.  For the first time this week I admited that I see the value and practicality of a mini-van.

Here's the conversation that changed my mind: a friend was talking about the hassle of finding a place to park their large suburban so that she could have enough space to open both back doors to get kids in and out of car seats.  She talked about with a mini-van you can park anywhere and you don't have large doors that swing out.  The automatic door close feature is pretty sweet too.  Is it weird that I'm using the word sweet to describe a mini-van?

We don't need one now, but in a couple years when we're thinking about kid #3, having the extra seats for all the kids and their friends will be a plus.  So I introduce to you my new dream car: Honda Odyssey- with a sun roof.

2.  I am not a fan of guns.  But I married a man who had two.  So now by default I am a gun owner.  I don't particularly like that fact, but it is what it is.  Now with a little one running around the house and opening drawers we have been talking about a way to "lock" up the gun yet still have it accessible in the event of an emergency.  Read between the lines: I told Chris he needed to ask for a small gun safe for Christmas.  My parents drove down last week and brought back all our Christmas presents since we couldn't fly home with them very easily.  So this week Chris and I have been working to gun-safe our home.  Although this isn't the exact model that we is pretty close.  It is basically a small safe that can fit in a drawer with an electronic lock.

So again I'm not a fan of guns, but if some creep decides he wants to make my home a target- Mama Bear will not hesitate to open that drawer and protect her babies.  And yes, I do know how to use it...

3.  I decided this week that I like oatmeal if it has enough maple syrup on it.  I'm trying to cut down on the processed cereal I eat.  One because it is processed and two because it is a bit on the expensive side.  Oatmeal is a healthy and CHEAP alternative.  (I buy organic oats from the DeKalb Farmers Market for next to nothing.  Seriously that 1/2 gallon jar costs less than $2)  When I was having trouble with my milk supply and having trouble nursing Phoebe after she was born I tried EVERY trick in the book to increase my milk supply.  Eating oatmeal was one of them.  I hated it, but with enough brown sugar (which completely negated any health benefit) I could stomach it.  Maple syrup is a natural sweetener, which makes it a much better option than brown sugar.  And it is pretty good on oatmeal too :)

4.  I am LOVING this new shelf/coat rack that my Dad made for us and put up last weekend.  The highlight of my week just might be hanging my coat and purse on it when we get home.  (More on the shelf next week...)

5. Today marks day #1 of the RUF Wives Retreat.  I love this weekend!  Basically all the RUF wives leave the kids at home with the husband (ok some women do bring nursing babies, but not me) for the weekend and head to Atlanta.  It is a great time to connect with other wives who "get" what it means to be married to college minister and can completely relate to both the joys and struggles.  It is always filled with great teaching, great fellowship, and great fun.  This year the main speaker is Paige Benton Brown.  If you are familiar with reformed PCA circles you have probably heard of her.  We refer her article Singled out for God to college and post-college single girls quite often.  It was written over 10 years ago, but it really is a great article about singleness and Christianity if you are interested.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I can't believe your dad BUILT that shelf! So sleek. I would actually put my jacket and purse where they belong if I had that in my house! ;)

  2. Have the best of times this weekend! Excited for ya!
    Looks like you had a great week :)

  3. I've never been anti-mini-vans....the first car I drove after getting my permit was my family's 15 passenger van, and I never want to have to do that again! I would like to stick to compact cars, but if necessary, I think a minivan is something I could drive and park easily. Oatmeal with maple syrup sounds delicious! I used to always eat mine with homemade applesauce. That's definitely the tastiest version to me! :)


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