Monday, January 28, 2013

Baby Gift Idea: Birth Stats Wall Art

A good friend of mine had a baby girl back in October.  I had been meaning to send them a little something for the baby, but honestly just kept forgetting.  I know, I know some friend I am...  Part of the problem was I kept forgetting and the other part was I really didn't know what to get.  It was a second baby, so they already had all the necessities and I really didn't want to get clothes.  After we had our daughter I pretty much vowed I would never purchase clothes as a baby gift again.  I am so thankful for all that we received, but it was more than we needed; everyone loves to buy little girl clothes.

I was trying to think of something personal but not cheesy.  Around that same time two things happened:

1. I had seen a birth announcement that I really liked; however, the seller was no longer offering her product on Etsy.


2.  I got connected with Lisa from wine and glue.  Not only does she have a pretty sweet blog (sorry you just missed her HUGE giveaway) but she has a great Etsy shop too: hummingbird's view.  She sells some pretty adorable nursery art.  With Lisa's help we came up with this 8x10 print as a baby gift.

my photography skills are not doing this justice...
How adorable is that??  And practical too.  You'd think you'd never forget the date and time of your child's birth or how much he/she weighed, but you do.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who has trouble remembering things like this...  Please tell me I'm not.  I can tell you that my friend LOVED it :)

It is a great gift idea and of course you can customize it to your liking.  I can already tell you my mother's day present this year will be two of these: one for each kiddo.

Here are some of Lisa's latest designs:
Her photography skills are much greater than mine...

In addition to birth stat art, she will customize a child's dinosaur name, make a custom nickname print for your child, custom song lyrics...the possibilities are endless!

I have the twinkle, twinkle print framed and ready to hang up in Phoebe's "new" room with her "new" big girl bed!  I can't wait!

Need a baby gift idea?  Looking to fill that open space on the wall of your baby's nursery or child's bedroom?  Check out her Etsy Shop: hummingbird's view.  

Use code "TEAMBOWEN30" for 30% off your purchase!


Helene in Between


  1. These are so cute! And definite oops on my part. I just took clothes and a little bathing suit to the newborn girl some of our friends had. Oh well! I'll learn.

  2. I love these! They're so practical and full of whimsy! Such a great gift to a new mother or heck a mother of 4! The one you've chosen for your daughters room is precious, excited for you to have it up in her new room :)

  3. OMG I LOVE this! My boyfriend's sister just had a baby and this is a perfect gift!

    Pearls & Paws

  4. This turned out SO great. I've been meaning to get one of these for my boys.

  5. These are so cute! I might need one with birth stats for my guys, I LOVE them!
    Hailey @ Love, Laughter and Lipstick

  6. Fantastic pictures. I love the style.

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