Wednesday, January 2, 2013

30 Weeks

So I have officially made it into my third trimester of pregnancy and I am feeling it.  I'm not feeling bad, just big :)  Although still perfectly capable, it is getting more challenging to get up and down off the floor and in and out of bed.

30 Weeks- "Your baby is about 17 inches long, and just over 3 pounds in weight.  He or she getting bigger by the day.  Also getting bigger daily is baby's brain, which is preparing for life outside the womb--and for a lifetime of learning.  Starting this week, your baby's brain is starting to look like one, taking on those characteristics grooves and indentations.  These wrinkles allow for future expansion of brain tissue that is crucial as your baby goes from helpless newborn to responsive infant to verbal toddler to curious preschooler and beyond.  Your baby's bigger and better brain is also starting to take on task previously delegated to other parts of the body, like temperature regulation.  Now that the brain is capable of turning up the heat, your baby will start shedding lanugo, the downy soft body hair that has been keeping him or her warm up to this point.  Which means by the time the baby is born, he or she probably won't be fuzzy anymore."
What to Expect When You're Expecting

I did a quick ultrasound yesterday and the baby is head down again!  Yay!  I thought it had flipped from what I was feeling, but wasn't 100% sure.

Aversions/cravings- None.  I still have no desire to eat yogurt, which was a favorite snack before pregnancy, but that's about it.  
Movement-  Lots!  I started to see my belly moving around 26 weeks.  And again it was not like this with Phoebe.  I didn't see her movements until much later and actually went into the hospital at 27 weeks because I hadn't felt her move in a couple days.
Pregnancy Symptoms- The itching is awful!  And its not just my belly!  It is my WHOLE body- legs, back, belly, shoulders, forehead, everything!  There are times when I literally feel like I could scratch my skin off!  And my poor not-so-little varicose vein is starting to throb a little bit more.  Overall though I feel great, but it is getting a little bit harder to bend over and pick things up.  I still can of course, but I am reminded much more frequently now that I am indeed pregnant.

I have started to feel the occasional braxton hicks contractions too.  But nothing strong and nothing regular.
Sleep- Just fine.  I went through a couple weeks where I was peeing ALL the time.  It must have been the position of the baby on my bladder because I really don't remember using the restroom this much at this point in pregnancy last time.
Sex-  I still think it is a girl.  Although we reserve the right to change our minds (I don't think we will)  if it is a girl she will be Ava Grace.  (We will call her Ava Grace.  I have always wanted to have a little girl with a double name!)  And if its a boy he will be Ridley Thomas.
Weight Gain- 19 lbs
Randoms-  I think Phoebe is finally getting the concept that there is a baby in my belly.  Now when I ask her where the baby is she {sometimes} either lifts up my shirt or points to my belly.  This took A LONG time.  

I really do feel so much bigger this time around.  And I know it is not all in my head because t-shirts and things that I know I was wearing the final weeks of my previous pregnancy are now starting to be too small/short and I have 10 weeks to go...  I also had to buy new underwear this week because my regular ones (that I had no problem wearing through 40 weeks last time) just weren't cutting it anymore.  So not only is my belly bigger, but so is my booty.  I only gained 24 lbs total with Phoebe and I'm sure I will be gaining a few more than that this time.  I don't mind; I know every pregnancy is different.  I was able to stay in a little bit better pregnancy shape the first time around, but I've still been pretty active with this one too.



  1. You look fantastic!!! Not much longer!
    I love the names you have chosen, they are both so beautiful and handsome :)
    I remember feeling itchy, itchy while pregnant and used baby oil during my shower. Really I've been using baby oil in the shower for like 10 years but I had to double up on it during pregnancy! Give it a try and see if it helps any! I swear by it :)

    So excited for you! Thanks for sharing this weeks story!

  2. You are alllllll belly!!! The end is in sight!! So excited for you!!! And thanks sooooo much for the fab comment yesterday! You helped give me some ideas!!!


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