Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sea Island

This past weekend we took a much needed family vacation.  The beginning of this semester has been very busy and Chris has had a lot of weekend and evening commitments.  I have been missing him and missing family time.  We had been counting down the days to our trip to Sea Island for awhile now.  While certainly not the most ideal time to go down to the beach weather-wise, we enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere and time together.

This was actually the first time since our honeymoon that Chris and I have vacationed together.  We have gone places with our parents, but never on our own.  So it was fun to go on our first "family vacation."
A very generous supporter had offered us use of their Sea Island home, and we graciously accepted!  We drove down Thursday afternoon, and the worst part of the whole trip was realizing 3 hours down the road (half way there) that we had forgotten the KEY!!!!  Yes, we had to turn around making a 6 hour trip about 10 hours.  Thankfully Aubra (who is a lifesaver in multiple ways) met us in Atlanta with the key, so we didn't have to drive through the city back to Marietta.
Sea Island is a pretty exclusive resort down off the coast of South Georgia.  At the front of the island there is a large resort hotel, the Cloister.  This is where the large beach, pool, and family fun areas are. Then as your drive back through the island there are lots of private residences. 
On Friday we enjoyed riding bikes around the neighborhood/resort and exploring.  Biking is a big thing on Sea Island, and while we are not avid bikers (in fact I am not very good at all) we enjoyed using the bikes at the house to get around.

Phoebe wasn't a big fan of the helmet at first, but she got used to it.

Saturday morning, we walked over to the beach by the house and enjoyed watching the waves crash up against the rocks.

Then we biked over to the big beach down by the Cloister to take a long and windy walk down the beach

Saturday night we had dinner at The Oak Room on the resort.  We got to see a beautiful sunset over the water and listen to the bagpiper play.

Sunday afternoon was the only warm and sunny time we had.  Although we thankfully never had any rain from Sandy, it was pretty cloudy on Friday and Saturday as the storm was moving up the east coast.  Then a cold front came through on Monday.

Phoebe LOVES bubbles and always asks to play with them.  She says "bu-bles" all the time!  So we thought we would give her, her first bubble bath after playing in the pool.  She honestly wasn't very impressed with the bubbles in the bath.  We had to go get the "real" bubbles to get any excitement from her.  Oh well, we thought it was a fun idea.

We watched several movies and spent a lot of time walking and biking around.  We drove around and explored the Golden Isles and walked through the shops in St. Simon as well.  I'll post a few more pictures from our trip over the next week or so.

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  1. sounds like a great time! what cute pictures!


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