Friday, October 12, 2012

fridays letters

Dear passengers in the back of the plane to Philadelphia yesterday morning- I am so sorry that my daughter screamed uncontrollably for 15 minutes during descent.  I will never complain about a screaming baby on a plane again...actually I probably will but I will have much more compassion for that family.  Dear Tatnall Class of 2002- Please show up for our reunion tomorrow.  I don't have high hopes, but would be very happy if we had a decent showing.  Dear Craigs List Sellers in Atlanta- Please post a BOB Duallie Revolution for $350 or less.  Or better yet, just email me directly and I will buy it from you.  I'm getting sick of looking everyday.  Dear Chris- I hope you have a good weekend at Fall Conference.  I'm happy there is a good group and also happy there are not 40 students going because I really did not want you to shave a mohawk.  I miss you and I love you.  Dear Aubra- I hope I get to see your pink hair.  Dear Mom and Dad- Thanks for spoiling us this weekend and showing off Phoebe.  Dear Christ Community Church- Thank you for brining dinner on Tuesday night to feed all the RUF students before large group.  It was fabulous!  Dear tooth fairy-  I know this might outside your typical job description but if you could hurry up and make my daughter's molars come in quickly so we can get over this fussiness and sleeplessness I would greatly appreciate it

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  1. 15 minutes is too terrible! at least it was at the end! :) and I'm glad you got spoiled by your parents!


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