Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lake Winnie

Lake Winnie, sounds a little cheesy, right?  Well maybe just a little.  It is a lame Six Flags in North Georgia just outside of Chattanooga.  But lame doesn't mean it doesn't hold many years of memories.  Chris grew up going to this amusement park at least on a yearly basis for his Mom's annual company picnic.

This past weekend we went up to Chattanooga and it happen to be that time- yep, time for the annual company picnic.  So we took Phoebe to her first amusement park and she rode her first roller coaster!  Chris assured me it was safe because it had been there since he was a kid- a 30 year old roller coaster was not a comforting thought for a mother...

Phoebe, Papo, Caylee, and JP on Phoebe's 1st roller coaster

They are going really fast...
You can just see the top of Phoebe's bow.  She's in there I promise

Phoebe also rode a bumblebee ride and Dumbo with her Daddy
She doesn't look so sure about this...

And she rode the swings all by herself like a big girl!

Thanks for a fun weekend!

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