Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Decor

It is officially fall and actually has been for a couple weeks now.  We broke out our fall decor recently to celebrate this fabulous change of seasons.  It is not much different than last year.  I typically like to hit up the after Halloween sales and grab some good stuff, but I don't remember if I didn't make it out last year or just didn't find anything good, but anyhow I didn't find any good deals last year.

So I have our little table in the entry way decorated with mini-pumpkins and gourds.  I need to take a Fall picture to put in the frame.

Our kitchen table.  Love the ceramic pumpkins.  And these were actually the place mats Chris had before we got married.  I found them in the attic a couple weeks ago- a great Fall color.

The fence piece and bucket were after Halloween sale finds from a couple years ago.

This pumpkin bowl was a new find this year from the dollar section at Target.  I always look through the dollar section but seldom purchase anything.  But this pumpkin dish caught my eye.

I did, however, make a few fun things this year- ideas compliments of pinterest.

Toilet paper rolls and tissue cute!

I had recently been given this vase as a bridesmaid gift and loved it but hadn't found a good use for it yet.  Layers of split peas, kidney beans, and popcorn kernels finished off with a candle and twine bow. Perfect fall accent!

 And this I love!  I had pinned this and then for whatever reason could never link back to the original post, but the picture was enough to re-create the look.  It took me awhile to complete just because I could only work on it in short stints when little curious hands were not around, but it was pretty simple and inexpensive.

The full look on the fireplace

We bought a 2x4 from Home Depot (that we actually got for half price because the checkout lady couldn't find the right code and just gave it to us for $3.00), 4 large wood screws, and some paint.  I used the sample paint cans from Home Depot that were $3 each.  I just bought 4 colors and used the yellow from when I painted Phoebe's wall.  Maybe I could have used 40% off coupons and gotten wood paint cheaper at Michael's, but this was easy.  They cut the wood for me at Home Depot and my sweet husband sanded it for me.

I painted all the base colors then painted the faces.  Chris helped me drill them onto the base.  After he drilled them on, I wrapped the mummy with some gauze.  The original picture also had straw on the head of the pumpkin which was super cute, but I figured little hands would have that all over my carpet in a matter of minutes, so I left that off for now.  Maybe next year if we set it up on something.  The original also had "Have a SPOOKtacular Day" written on the base.  I thought that was a little cheesy.  I might end up writing Happy Halloween or something, but it is just black for now.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty proud of this.  Look at it again.

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