Wednesday, April 10, 2013

{WIWW} I'm back

It has been several weeks since I've done an outfit post.  The last couple weeks of pregnancy I really didn't have much that fit over my over sized belly. (Haddie Grace was 9lbs 4oz so there was apparently a good reason...) And of course the past 3 weeks have been a bit crazy; I'm lucky if I've managed a shower, not to mention getting dressed and actually taking a picture.

But I did make it to church last Sunday and managed to wear something other than yoga pants and a t-shirt.  To be honest, it was a bit stressful getting 2 kids and myself dressed, ready, and out the door on Sunday morning.  Don't get me wrong, it was good to be at and a part of Sunday morning worship, but next week Haddie Grace and I will probably stay home.  Compared to Phoebe, I've been quite emotionally stable since Haddie Grace was born, but the two breakdowns I have had have been on the previous two Sunday afternoons after having little sleep and working to get everyone out the door for church.  It was just a little too much to try and manage.  Chris is normally a huge help in the mornings, but Sundays are tricky because he is typically doing some extra last minute sermon prep.  So next week I plan to give myself a break and just get Phoebe ready for church so Haddie Grace and I can take a coveted nap!

Oh and as far as the outfit goes, I love the birds on the shirt!  And next time (or whenever I can) I would tuck in the shirt, and maybe even wear it with a high waisted pencil skirt.  But for now, you don't really tuck things into a wide banded elastic maternity skirt...

Shirt: Gap
Cardigan: Gap
Skirt: Motherhood Maternity 
(going to be maternity pants for several more weeks I'm sure)
Shoes: Ecco

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  1. you look awesome!!! I love the shirt too!!

  2. Welcome back! You look great. That shirt is adorable and I love your bright orange cardi. Here's hoping for some sleep!

  3. Great outfit. Visiting from the link up. Don’t forget to link up tomorrow. Show me your favorite spring trend. HOpe you can join. I’m also doing a giveaway for a $300 gift card to gap/old navy/banana republic. Come by and enter.


  4. You look flippin fantastic!!!! I have 50 pounds to loose:( at least I lost 30 just with the birth and first month:)

  5. I'm impressed you're out of bed at all :) haha. I bet trying to get 2 kids and yourself ready while trying to get to church on time is stressful. I get stressed just getting myself there!


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