Thursday, April 25, 2013

The final RUF at KSU

A couple weeks ago was our last official RUF large group at Kennesaw State University.  Chris would hate to admit it, but he did get a little sentimental.  He started RUF at KSU 7 years ago and now the Lord has called us to continue with RUF at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC.  We are excited (and a little anxious) about the move and unknown but are looking forward to the next chapter of our lives there.
But back to KSU.  Aubra and some former students worked to surprise Chris by inviting RUF alumni who were still in the Atlanta area!  And surprised he was!  It was really fun to see "old" faces and reminisce about RUF in its beginning stages and to see how far The Lord has brought the ministry in the past 7 years.  As Chris reminded everyone it is not him (or really the students) who makes this ministry happen, but The Lord.  God was at work at KSU before Chris arrived, and he will continue to be at work after he leaves as the next campus minister and his family come in to continue to the ministry.  We will continue to pray for RUF at KSU and the students involved especially during this time of transition.  I know the students are not only going to miss Chris, but also our intern Aubra who is saying her final goodbyes to RUF at KSU as well.

The alumni 

Some love

Only my husband would remember this and repeat it, but Chris wore that orange polo to the very first RUF and then also at the very last RUF.  Its ok, he's a little bit of a weirdo, but I love him!
I don't have any pictures, but last Tuesday we also had a final cookout for RUF at some of the students' apartment complex.  Phoebe had a blast running around and it was fun for students to get another look at Haddie Grace.  They might miss Phoebe more than they miss us....
Group Hug

Aubra and the students had another surprise in store for us that evening.  They had made Chris and I a photo book capturing Chris' last seven years of ministry.  It looks awesome and its certainly something that we will treasure as we look back on the Lord's faithfulness in our lives and faithfulness to the ministry.
KSU- we will miss you!  You have all been a blessing to our family and we have learned so much from you1   For you smart cookies who signed up to come to Summer Conference we are excited to spend one more week with you at the beach!

And then onto Winthrop-


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  1. jen! i had no idea your hubs was an RUF pastor. that's awesome. i'll be praying for your move to south carolina!


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