Tuesday, February 12, 2013

You might not know...

You probably know that I love being a wife and mom.  I love my baby girl and my dog (even when he's being a ding-dong).  I mean how cute are they?  Phoebe likes to snuggle right up next to him and recently has been giving him kisses.  He even tolerates wearing necklaces for her...

But you might not know that-
1. I was in a sorority in college- Kappa Alpha Theta.  I do nothing with them now.  Sad.  I've thought about joining a alumni network, but haven't.  Also, I bet you didn't know Meghan at Little Girl in the Big World was my little?  My sorority family was the best!  (Meghan please don't hate me...)
 If you were in a sorority in college do you do anything with it now?
2. I am was a certified exercise instructor.  I taught kickboxing classes before Phoebe was born and LOVED it.  Sadly, I let my certification expire, but someday I would like to go back to teaching.  It was great fun and I got paid to exercise!
3.  I've gone on 2 different mission trips to Kenya.  Most recently Chris and I led a group of college students on a trip working in the Kibera Slum for a couple months in 2010.  We celebrated our first anniversary in Kenya.
4. I love country music and cowboy hats!  I went to a lot of Keith Urban concerts in college...
5.  If I ever go back to school (which I doubt I ever will...) I would want to get my masters in nutrition to become a registered dietitian.  If you could change careers what would you do?


  1. Haha! This cracks me up. Why would I hate you? I guess I'm looking better now than in that picture, so that's good news! I didn't know you were an exercise class teacher!! That's awesome!! I want!!!! And then I think getting a Master's and being a dietitian would be awesome. I would love to do that.

  2. Too fun Jen! It's great to get to know these pieces of you :)
    I love that you were a kickbox instructor, one of my goals is to get my certification so I can start teaching here and when we move. Love the Kenya pictures, I can imagine what an incredible experience that was! and p.s. your girls are always your girls :)


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