Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chinese Gender Calendar

Ok, so I mentioned last week about how my friend (and EVERYONE for that matter) really thinks this is a boy baby according to the Chinese Gender Calendar.  I had never heard of this.  Am I crazy?  Have you heard of this?

Basically the Chinese Gender Calendar, according to legend was created at the beginning of the Quinn Dynasty (1644-1912).  The chart uses the lunar calendar to predict a baby's gender based on maternal age at conception and month of conception.  It is said to be 90% accurate.  So it is not fool proof, but 90% is better than 50%...

Are you pregnant and know what you are having?  Have you had a child or gotten pregnant recently enough to remember your month of conception and age at conception?

Click here to see what your baby's gender is according to the Chinese Gender Calendar.  And leave a comment below letting me know if it was correct or not!

If you're pregnant and don't know what you're having yet- it could be a fun game to play :)
Apparently according to this I'm having a BOY...

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  1. The Chinese calendar has been right with both my girls, and all 4 of my sisters babies. Ha in fact, I have never seen this version be wrong. There is another one you can find that is different, but it was wrong. Can't wait to find out if it is right again!

  2. It is wrong for me, unless the ultra sound was off - which I'm doubting. Statistically speaking after having two boys this third child is likely a boy, which is what the ultrasound has predicted but the calendar says it is a girl.

  3. the Chinese calendar was right for us! Boy! :)

  4. Mine was wrong. It says I was suppose to have a girl and Max is definitely a boy! :)

  5. Min was wrong, fun to think about though :)

  6. I have never heard of this! I will have to keep this in mind! How crazy!! Glad to have a new friendly face stop by the blog!
    Amanda @ CooL Living

  7. I did it twice when I was pregnant with my girls and it was wrong both times!! But it was fun playing:)

  8. I have three kids and the calendar is wrong on all three! ;)

  9. I laugh at these... I'm currently 13 weeks... I've looked at a number of different chinese predictor charts (from different websites) and have been told "it's a boy" AND "it's a girl!" and no I'm not having twins..... so I guess one way or another it's right?! :)

  10. Ahhhh I like the chart, but you have to use lunar age and lunar month though!


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