Thursday, February 7, 2013

fridays letters

Dear Potty Training Boot Camp,
You did not work as well as I might have liked.  Oh well.  Like I said I did not have high hopes or expectations, just thought it would be worth a shot.  We will try again in a few months after the new baby is born.

Dear Knox,
Now that your gas is better we can both live under the same roof.  So why are you trying to run away? We have always let you run around out back and walk out front to pee without a leash and you have always been so obedient and come right back inside.  You have now run away three times in the past two weeks.  Not cool.  Obviously those privileges are being revoked.

Dear Roger and Judi,
You are the best neighbors ever!  Thanks for taking care of Phoebe while I went to search for our delinquent dog.

Dear Chris,
I love you and will be very happy when life slows down.  It feels like we are two passing shadows right now.  Thanks for my present :)  Hope you have a good weekend at Winter Confrence.

Dear Aubra,
Thanks for letting us store our mattress and box springs in your storage room so they aren't sitting in front of the book shelves anymore.

Dear Baby Bowen,
You are huge!  I'm not crazy!  I went to the doctor yesterday and you are in the 88% percentile for weight.  They think you weigh 6lbs 12oz at 35 weeks.  Yikes!  (PFB was 6'14 at 40 weeks...)  The doctor even suggested inducing labor at 39 weeks for suspected macrosomia (big baby).  That is definitely not going to happen; I am against labor inductions unless it is medically necessary and a possible big baby is not a good medical indication in my professional opinion.  But yikes!  This makes me a little nervous...

Dear Ice Cream,
I blame you for the above predicament. 




  1. heehee, I love your Friday get a little sassy in them! Knox is cracking me up, reminds me of our dog. oZa'well to potty training, I'm sure it had an impact on her and she will be more than ready before you know it. My oldest son was born at 6 lbs and my youngest was almost 9 pounds! I couldn't believe the difference in their size! sounds like your little one will be a butterball ;) Hope you have a great weekend and get some time in with your hubby when he gets back!

  2. Owww poor Knox maybe looking for attention? Not long to go now, must be getting exciting :)
    Hope your having a fabulous weekend x


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