Tuesday, February 12, 2013

{WIWW} Alphabet Facts

I think I've done an outfit post with this top before.  Sorry. I'm running out of clothes- only 4 more pregnant posts.  (hopefully)  Although you probably never would have known had I not just told you...  

I've seen this on a few blogs and enjoyed it.  Now for your reading pleasure:

A- Age: 28
B- Blood Type: B+
C- Chore you hate: cleaning toilets and right now scrubbing the bathtub 
D- Dogs or Cats: Dogs, obviously
E- Eggs: Scrambled Always
F- Favorite Snack: right now it is pistachios
G- Greatest accomplishment so far: birthing my daughter
H- Hat or Visor: Defintely visor.  I don't look good in hats
I- Ice Cream Flavor of choice: Turkey Hill All Natural Vanilla Bean (only has 5 ingredients: Cream, Nonfat milk, Sugar Vanilla, Vanilla Bean)
J- Juggle:  I can't juggle to save my life
K- Kids:  One 18 month old and another one due in a month
L- Love Letters: Chris writes them to me often (Basically, I get Valentines regularly throughout the year).  Just like when we were dating...
M- Married: 3 1/2 years
N- Netflix favorite right now: How I Met Your Mother
O- Oranges or Apples: Apples.  Oranges are too much work to peel
P- Pen of choice: Pilot G2 Gel Ink Roller Ball Pen, Extra Fine Point
Q- Quirkiest habit: Sleeping in socks
R- Random Fact: I can't grow out my nails to save my life.  They peel and chip like nobody's business
S- Siblings: One younger brother, Christopher.  He lives in Chicago.
T- Time you wake up in the morning: Usesally 6am to shower, get dressed, read, and hopefully empty the dishwasher before PFB wakes up
U- Underwear: right now pregnant granny panties
V- Valentine's Day Plans: Never.  We don't really celebrate it.
W- Waiting for: Downton Abby Season 2 to come to Netflix
X- X-Rays: left arm, right wrist, and left elbow.  I can't think of any others...
Y- Yard Work: I don't do any
Z- Zoo animal favorite: Tiger

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  1. you look beautiful and that list was fun to read Jen!

    Here's what I wore this week:


  2. Hi there! I found your blog through Shanna's Random Wednesday link up! It's funny that I landed on your page because I had an A 2 Z post planned for today too!

    Nice to "meet" you!

    Lacey @ CHARM + Sass

  3. I love your pretty belly!!!! you are so cute!

  4. Cutest pregnant woman ever!! Definitely a nurse when you're that specific about which pens you like :) We love our pens!

  5. You look fabulous! And I love this ABC list thing. How cute. Maybe I'll do it'


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