Thursday, December 1, 2011


 The other weekend Phoebe sat on Santa's lap and told him everything she wanted for Christmas!  Well, maybe not everything...  She did great!  She will go to anyone or sit on anyone's lap so Santa was no different.  We went up to the Dawsonville outlets and saw Santa there.  Has anyone ever been to Phipps to see Santa?  Apparently he is "THE" Santa in the Atlanta area and you have to book an appointment pretty early to get pictures.  They started booking appointments in September and currently he is all booked, you would have to go on a waiting list in order to attempt a picture with the Phipps Santa this year.  I'm curious what makes him so special?

We went with my niece too, she didn't like Santa as much this year...

Phoebe's dress was a hand-me-down from her mama....

My First Christmas

Fay and I (One of Phoebe's namesake)

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  1. That's so cute that Phoebe has a hand me down dress. You should have put the date on her shoe too!


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