Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Losing my Marbles

I don't know what it is- probably a combination of the holidays, traveling so much, and the baby, but really I think I'm starting to lose it!  I feel like I'm running around in circles and not getting anything done.  Why does everything with a baby take four times as long as I think it should?  And why can I not think straight to get things done?  Let me give you some of my brightest moments from the past several weeks:
I have managed to attend a birthday party without a gift (who does this?!?).  I lost a Starbucks gift card for a gift card exchange dinner with friends from work (I went without and didn't participate because of course it was right before I left that I couldn't find it. And for the record I had only bought it a few hours earlier and it still has not turned up.  I think it must have went to the dry cleaners with the dress I dropped off there.  I hope my little Asian friend likes coffee.  She is very sweet, maybe she thought it was Christmas gift for her.)  I was pretty proud of myself because I did purchase and bring a present to the wedding shower we attended (applause please), but I totally forgot a card or even a marker to write our names on the package.  Whoops.  I have left the house multiple times with no diaper bag or bottle for the baby- they have resulted in a couple premature trips back home.  (Luckily I have not left the baby anywhere yet)  Oh and work.  I have worked full time hours this past week.  Whose genius idea was that?  Saturday night at work after pumping I was cleaning the pump parts in the microwave of the beverage area on the unit when I got distracted.  Yeah.  Luckily it was my charge nurse (who was going to heat up her "lunch" a couple hours later) who found it and figured they were mine.  Awesome.  At least a patient's husband didn't find them.  And if he did, he apparently just left them there.  Then Sunday morning when I got home I realized I left part of my pump at work.  Yes, it was on the floor in room 312.  Luckily it was still empty- but not for lack of patients.  I swear every pregnant woman in the metro Atlanta area has decided that they need to have their baby and be home before Christmas.  I digress.

So... its Christmas which among many things means its time to send out Christmas cards.  Well as many pictures as I have of Phoebe we really did not have a family picture suitable for a Christmas card and it was too last minute for me to think of anything else creative.  I almost did not send out Christmas cards, but thankfully one of Chris' students, Taylor, (a photography major) had offered to take some pictures for us.  We took her up on the offer, and she really did a great job!  I don't love our actual Christmas cards (the picture is great!) but if we wanted to get the cards out before Christmas our options were limited.  This is what happens when you decide to send out Christmas cards the weekend before Christmas...

Check out some of the pictures Taylor shot-

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  1. You look so cute Bowen family! And Jen I love your dress. I'm afraid of how scattered I will feel when I have a baby considering how scattered I am all the time.


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