Wednesday, December 7, 2011

RUF Christmas Party

Every year we have a RUF tacky Christmas sweater party.  This year the students did a great job getting into costume.  Phoebe joined in too with a velour collared onesie and large red bow.  We found her outfit at a used children's clothing store.

Look at the presents on my bottom :)

Family picture with our wonderful intern, Aubra.
We love her

Last year we had a boys vs. girls gingerbread house contest.  Unfortunately the boy's house was in pieces, so they had a disadvantage from the beginning.  This year they faired much better, and won!  They thought their prize should be exclusive "holding" rights on Phoebe.  The girls didn't like that deal very much...

Girls' house.  I'm not sure if that is Santa trying to get down the chimney??

Boys' house

Oh to be back in college again...

It was a fun way to wrap up the semester. Now the students are finishing finals and we're on winter break for a month!  There are some pretty big perks to the college schedule :)

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