Wednesday, August 7, 2013

{WIWW} Bad Hair Day

I don't know what it is, but recently I feel like I've been having a lot more bad hair days than good.  It is quite discouraging- especially when I spend 20+ minutes blow drying it.  I got my hair cut a few weeks ago and apparently I haven't mastered blowing it dry yet.  

This particular morning I got up early with the intention of drying my hair and wearing it down since I had been wearing it curly or in a pony tail all week.  Major fail.  I think it was a combination of the humidity and just not drying/styling it well enough.  Oh well live and learn.

You can still see my outfit post for the week, just don't judge the hair.  It happens.  And speaking of hair- I've been researching the No Poo method recently, and I am intrigued.  Have you ever tried No Poo? (No not that kind of poo...shampoo.  Get your mind out of the gutter)  Here is the best article I have found on it recently.  

Shirt- TJ Maxx
Skirt- Gap (old)
Necklace- Etsy (gift)
Shoes- DSW (very old)



  1. You look GORGEOUS, loving your outfit!!!!

  2. Super cute outfit! And you're so tiny! (jealous!)

  3. love the print of that shirt and with that necklace! so cute!


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