Thursday, August 22, 2013

friday fives

It has been a rough week...  I'm glad it is Friday

{one}  Haddie Grace has had the worst diaper rash for over a month now!  Phoebe never had problems with diaper rash so this is new for me.  When I first noticed the redness I took her out of the cloth diapers and put her in disposables with diaper cream, but it just kept getting worse.  I of course was making sure her bottom was completely dry before putting on cream and a new diaper.  I was changing her diaper VERY frequently.  (Which kills me by the way...I use cloth diapers for many reasons but one of them is the financial benefit.)  And trying to let her go diaper free for 20 minutes or so each day.  (This one only actually happened a few times because she doesn't stay still and pees ALL the time so it was more mess than I could handle)  After this had been going on for about 2 1/2 weeks and was now at the point where her poor bottom was blistering and bleeding, I called the doctor and they gave me a prescription for Greer's Goo.

Well lo and behold my insurance doesn't cover it because it is a "compound drug" (i.e it has more than one ingredient mixed together)  I was not about to pay $63 for diaper rash cream, so after some negotiations with the pharmacy and doctor's office I discovered that Greer's Goo is a compound mixture of Desitin (over-the-counter), Hydrocortizone Cream (over-the counter) and Nystatin (prescription).  I convinced the doctor to just give me a prescription for the Nystatin and I could mix my own and save myself $45.  Done.  So this is what I've been up to recently.  Also, if you're dealing with persistent diaper rash and you're interested this is a recipe for homemade Greer's Goo using all over-the -counter ingredients. 

{two} So on Monday when said diaper rash was still not improving with the Greer's Goo I called the doctor back and they had me come in for an appointment.  I was planning on going ahead and getting her a couple more vaccines (remember I like to space them out) while we were there.  I got her up from her nap Monday afternoon and thought she felt a little warm, but was rushing around trying to get the girls in the car to get to the doctor's appointment (for her diaper rash) and didn't take her temperature.  When we got to the doctor she had a 102.4 temp- so much for getting those vaccines.  Instead over the next several days we dealt with high fevers, vomiting, poor appetite, dehydration and of course the normal fussiness, sleeplessness, and lethargy that goes along with being sick.  After 3 trips to the doctor, 4 blood draws, one catheter, and two shots she was diagnosed with a kidney infection.  Glad she had a blistered and bleeding bottom so we caught it early.  Otherwise we probably would have been panicking Monday night with a baby with a high fever and vomiting.

{three} Oh and did I mention that this is the first week back at school at Winthrop.  These next couple weeks are always Chris' busiest times when he is working a lot.  We hosted 30+ students over for lunch last Sunday afternoon.  This weekend we're having an outdoor moving screening for students in our backyard and hosting a freshmen dinner.

{four} After all this with a sick baby and a busy husband here is the White Russian I made myself to relax.

{five} Phoebe started at PMO (Parent's Morning Out) this week at our church.  She (and Haddie Grace when she feels better) will be going on Tuesday and Thursday mornings this fall.  Yay for kid-free time to clean and go grocery shopping.  (Or take Haddie Grace to the doctor to get probed and prodded...)  I have a couple furniture painting projects I would like to do this fall too!

They sent her home with this sweet craft on Tuesday.  It reads:

Here's my little hand to hold when I am not with you
I'm off to school to learn a bunch
each day is fun and new
My hand will grow a bit each day but
I will always be
Your loving child who is so glad you let my 
hand go free

I'm so glad this week is over

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  1. Oh no! Diaper rash is the absolute worst. It hurts them so bad. My boys have had it several times before. Along with everything you're saying, letting them go without a diaper and changing it frequently, I also used Letrisol with them. (the athlete's foot cream). It worked really well!

  2. Max gets bad diaper rashes when something else is going on. Whether he is sick or bad teething issues it's usually related. Sounds like a rough one. Glad Haddie is doing better.

  3. sorry you had a rough week! hopefully your weekend is better!

  4. Sick babies and diaper rashes are no fun! That White Russian looks yummy though!

  5. That white Russian looks refreshing. Hope your babe is feeling better soon. Stopping by from High Five for Friday! Come visit, having a $200 J.Crew gift card giveaway - ends today!

    xo Lulu


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