Monday, August 12, 2013

Baby-Proofing from a Toddler?

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Haddie Grace is much more active than Phoebe was at this age.  She is already getting up on her knees and scooting a little bit.  She will probably be crawling before too long and that is a scary thought.  At our four month check-up the pediatrician suggested I go ahead and start baby-proofing.  I didn't really think much of it, but this weekend I came across the outlet covers so I went ahead and plugged them in.

Outlets safe- check.

But how do you baby-proof from a toddler?  I was washing dishes the other day and walked into the family room to find Haddie Grace tangled in a slew of necklaces.  There were three or four more that were tangled down around her belly and legs.  And I did remove the one that was tight around her neck and part of the toy before taking the picture...

With Phoebe a new adventure begins every day.  She is so eager to help and share with her sister- the good, the bad, and the dangerous.  I have taken def taken cheese puffs out of Haddie Grace's mouth too.   I guess that is part of parenting two children now :)

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