Sunday, March 3, 2013


On Sunday, East Cobb Presbyterian Church threw us a little shower after church.  We had a pot-luck lunch (always a good meal...) and "get to know the Bowens" time.   It was fun.  We were excited to have the chance to fellowship but I really had no expectations of a shower at a new church.
And we left with this....

Yeah.  I was so overwhelmed and surprised!  It was so sweet and so generous of them to come together to get us such a nice gift!  Really, I almost cried.  We had been wanting this jogging stroller and saving up to purchase it!  They also gave us a gift card that will more than cover the cost of the infant carrier adapter and handlebar console!!  This mama's gonna be running in style with her two babies :)
And then of course there were many generous families that contributed individual gifts and gift cards.   We were really just planning on flying by the seat of our pants for this baby, but I am feeling much more prepared now.
This weekend was a beautiful expression of the body of Christ coming together to love and support us as our family grows.  THANK YOU!
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  1. Awesome! I definitely want one of those when I get pregnant. What a great gift!

  2. How wonderful!! And thanks for the blog nomination. Can't wait for your little one to get here.

  3. How awesome!! We love love love our double bob, I got the infant carseat adapter/snack tray console and really wish now I hadn't. I ended up just using a towel around the baby to keep her snug in the stroller and unfortunately when you switch to the snack tray it is way high and it doesn't fit a single one of our sippy cups. Just a thought, I wish we'd used the $80 towards something else! Its getting close!

  4. Awesome stroller :) I've been trying to run lately, but I always get so out of breath and end up going back to the elliptical.


  5. This is great! You're going to be one stylin' mama with that stroller. ;) What a sweet gift from your church family!!

  6. woohoo! looks like a great one! :) (and you are looking AMAZING my friend!)

  7. Very nice. I've heard that's basically the cadillac of running strollers. Fun!

  8. I'm sitting at Palmer Home with our crew and saw your update. I said out loud, "Aw, y'all, look! Jen and Bowen ..." and everyone immediately screamed, "THE BABY!?!?!" They were a little disappointed that I followed it with, "No, they got their stroller." Oh well.

    Look at y'all - so fancy! Also ... no way on earth I'm going to attempt to run with that...

  9. Wow, what an awesome gift! You're getting so close Jen. You look great!


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