Friday, March 8, 2013

fridays letters

Dear Chris,
I'm glad you didn't go to Mississippi this week.  Even though you had to do a lot of work for your classes, it was nice having you home for dinner every night this week.  I'm glad you're almost done!  Looks like you are going to be able to turn in all your class work before the baby gets here, phew!  Oh, and thanks for going out to get me cookies when I was craving them the other night.

Dear Aubra,
Thanks for teaching Phoebe to make this face.  I was wondering where she learned it from... 
Glad y'all have had a good week at the Palmer Home.  Praying for safe travels home today.

Dear Phoebe,
You are ridiculous.  You love to be held, fed and babied.  You can be quite manipulative to get your way.  When I walked into the room and saw Mac holding your water for you while you drank I was floored.  You are about to me removed from you throne.  Sorry.

Dear Baby Bowen,
If you would like to make your appearance Sunday evening that would great.  It would give me a chance to enjoy my massage Saturday morning and have a quiet evening (probably sewing velcro tabs on cloth diapers).  Chris could preach Sunday morning and we could head to the hospital that afternoon/evening.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Dear house,
You are dirty, and it is driving me crazy.  You are not awful, but I am used to you being clean and I get a little on edge when I see dust and dog hair and finger prints everywhere.  I am paying to have someone clean you on Monday afternoon.  I have never paid anyone to clean my house, but this will be well worth the money.  I don't have the time or energy to do it myself right now and it will be glorious to have the entire house clean at once.

Dear readers,
Your comments make my day.  Really.  Thank you.  Please bear with me over the next couple weeks.  I probably won't post a lot the first couple weeks after the baby is born.  I'm sure you can understand.  You see I've had big plans and intentions to have a bunch of posts ready, but that hasn't happened yet.



  1. Just soooo excited for you! Love your "birth plan" :))
    Best if luck chicka! I'll be thinking about you!!

  2. I had a Chris(topher) in my Letters today too! :) So great!

  3. Exciting letters! Best of luck on having your baby Sunday :-) I can't wait to follow along !

    Happy Friday!

  4. Phoebe cracks me up! She'll be great at having her baby brother or sister do things for her!

    I feel the same way about my house pretty much all the time. Makes my skin crawl to see the finger and doggie nose smudges and the fur/dust balls. But at the end of the day- it doesn't matter as long as the baby had a fun day and the dog got some playtime and attention, and I try to remind myself of that. Plus- even when I do clean it- I know in less than 12 hours it'll just be there again! Glad you got someone to come clean your house. You deserve some R&R before/after baby Bowen arrives!

    Good luck, Jen! I can't to hear about the arrival of baby Bowen! Sending you good thoughts for labor and delivery!

  5. can't wait to hear your baby news!!! will be praying everything goes smoothly and healthy for you and baby!


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