Saturday, August 27, 2011

First Soccer Game

Last night we took Phoebe to her first soccer game.  The RUF crew was rallying at the new KSU stadium in support of the Owl's home opener.  After the game they were showing Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides on the big screen complete with free popcorn- a fun event for college students.  Although we did not stay for the after-party, Phoebe did enjoy watching the Owls beat College of Charleston 1-0.

Chris thinks Phoebe is going to be a soccer player some day.  In fact, before she was even born he bought her a soccer ball to practice with.  Its almost as big as she is right now...  But nonetheless, it is blown up sitting in our living room waiting to be kicked around.  So we're trying to expose her to soccer early and see if she can absorb some of the skill.  Just kidding :)  But it was a good time.

I also got to try out my Moby Wrap for the first time.  I think I'm going to really like it.  I like how it holds her so close to me and frees up my hands for other things.  I will say its probably not the best carrying tool for a Georgia summer though.  I wasn't able to keep her in it for long last night because it was too warm!  We were both sweating with our body heat against each other and the thick layers of cotton.  So she didn't spend much time in the wrap at the game.  But I'm looking forward to using it this fall and hopefully in the house before that.

Phoebe in the Moby Wrap

School Spirit

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